Now Santa looks so elegant here. Consider turning him into a charming paper doll and pop him on the December page of a handmade calendar. While you are at it put your head on the body of a famous super star. Now you are well on your way to creating a unique calendar for 2005. Watch for more ideas about making a Christmas Calendar later in the month.

Make some gift tags using minature paper dolls and make sure to put your head on some of them

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Paper Doll Calendars

Sylvia Kleindinst pointed out a site where the teacher had students explore their identity using paper dolls. It reminded me of an activity I used where students laid on the ground and traced one another's bodies. Then they worked on self portraiture exercises. Early next year, when I begin working with my students I will be undertaking this project.

My Year 7's have all been busily making calendars as Christmas gifts for their parents. This task lends itself to making a unique page for their calendar.

Get out your cut and paste basket and make a Paper Doll representation of yourself. Download a template for making a Calendar and put your doll on one of the pages.

Resource Page for making these paper dolls.