After the highly successful creative armoury and self portraiture exercises my Salon members, creative women who come to my home on the first Sunday of the month, are working with pregnant torsos to explore the essence of creativity, hope, expectancy, fertility and potentiality. They will be keeping altered books, journals like the one Megan has created, to record the journey as they give birth to creative projects.

In contrast, I am creating a Harvest woman in honour of Demeter and my great grand mother, Mrs James Goodwin (nee Alfred), who rode out on horseback to act as a midwife to many women in the Yarram District in Victoria, Australia.

My Harvest Goddess will honour my creative work and the vision that drives it.

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Wings of Hope

"Hope" is the thing with feathers --
That perches in the soul --
And sings the tune without the words --
And never stops -- at all -

A longstanding Patron of Soul Food recently wrote an email to the group announcing her pregnancy.

She wanted us to know that she had uploaded some scans of her latest project. She calls it her Hope book.

This book was inspired in part by discussions in the Soul Food Art Room and within the cafe. She have started the book as a way to hold on to hope during my current pregnancy (yes she is pregnant!) - those of you who do not know Megan would not be aware that she has suffered a number of pregnancy losses that brought her to Soul Food and resulted in her exploration of psyche.

This book is in some way an attempt to chronicle this pregnancy, in art journal form.

The pages are pockets that she can keep mementos in. The feathers page is the poem by Emily Dickinson that was shared in the cafe, it isn't finished - she is yet to find a feather, prefereably a raven's feather but none have been forthcoming. (Her son has just returned home with a feather! seems to be from a magpie, which she figures will do for now).

The Goddess page was an image from decoupage paper - this one was chosen because she liked the form - the women appeared to her to have a pregnant shape and was making an offering to the Goddess.

The Angels page is sponged with acrylic and then a cupid was stamped in gold metallic pigment. The writing is the lyrics of Robbie Williams song 'Angels'.

Megan will keep us updated with the progress of both the Hope book and her pregnancy.


Create a book of hope and explore a range of themes and metaphors related to creative reproduction.