Special Altered Books

My gift calendar would have to include some images from work that I have done this year. I have made a number of altered books with secret doorways and compartments filled with tiny surprises. It is all about knowing about the metaphors that will speak to the recipient.

When my Year 7 girls saw this small book they were inspired and went off to make special little books as gifts.

In the future I will make sure to photograph key pages before they wings its way north to the recipient.

The book above is in construction. It is being made to help alleviate pain. The recipient and I try not to directly use the word pain and so I have called this little book Naip Ease. Hopefully it will help ease the pain.

As the time ticks by
medication time approaches.

An ideal day out for me at this time of the year is to pack a picnic lunch and visit some charity shops. A close friend and I did this just the other day and we came home with a booty of old paper products which can be used. I always make a bee-line to the childrens book section and glean lots of fun ideas for my journals.

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Making Calendars

Instead of spending a small fortune on pre designed calendars why not make one of your own to give as a gift this year? My Year 7 class loved the idea and I suggested that they could scan some of their work onto pages for each month. I figured that if I pulled this off they would showcase twelve pieces of their work for the year.

Some of the things that we did, that could easily have been included to make lovely header pages for a twelve month calendar, can be seen here and within this Advent Calendar.

Finger Puppets

Altered Book Page

Doorway to the Kingdom of Imagination

Maybe I will just have to produce one myself.

You know, I think I am going to do that for 2006. But my calendar will have things tucked in envelopes, behind folds, in secret compartments because that is what I love best about the altered books I make.