I Often Want To Be

Images courtesy of Sylvia Kleindinst

I Yearn to Wear

Fur Dalmation Cloak
Exotic Zebra Outfit

Mapping Who You Are

At Keon Park Primary School this year I undertook a special self portraiture activity with a small group of students.

The students laid on brown paper and we traced around their body shapes. Once we had the body we began a journey of self exploration.

We used Dr Seuss's idea of My Many Coloured Days and coloured parts of the body to show the many ways our colours change when our moods change. One child picked up on the line, "On Bright Red Days how good it feels to be a horse and kick my heels" and coloured herself red.

Students were fascinated when they looked to find those parts that are most affected on Brown days when they feel slow and low and down.

Apart from colouring our moods we made special weapons to carry, mapped where the ideas come from and drew bubbles with dreams and hopes in them.


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Using Avatars to Define Self

Avatarity is a site dedicated to being the best place on the net to come for Avatars. Whether you need an Avatar, an identity, for an online forum, a web page, or just to put into an instant messenger profile, you're sure to find it here! In fact, we have the biggest, best organized collection of searchable Avatars on the web.

Who Do You Want To Be?

At a recent conference for teachers of English I was introduced to Noah and Saskia, a series produced by the Australian Children's Television Foundation. The series explores the relationship between two teenagers who find each other from opposite sides of the globe and looks at how they change. By projecting their ideal selves in a virtual world, Noah and Saskia get closer to reaching their ideals in the real one.

Take the cover of this fabulous new production and work with the ideas here.

I will be getting my students to create avatars for themselvs and since this series deals with cyber relationships I will also be getting them to map cyber space and think about what it actually looks like.

Commissioning Artists and Writers

Art treasures from the Ice Age were found in the Lascaux Cave and provide modern man with a window into that primitive world. Similarly, artists and poets captured likenesses of the Gods and Goddesses of early times.

Travel through Europe and you are left with an abiding impression of how very effectively the artists, commissioned by the Catholic Church to tell the Bible story, completed their mission. The images of Leonardo alone resonate for people all these years later.

So, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in mapping cyber space or capturing the spirit of the Soul Food Cafe?

Artwork, poetry and stories that help to create an ambiance for this cafe will be awarded space here at Soul Food.

So pull out your paper, pens, wacoms, glue sticks, magazines, paints, needles, threads, patches, beads, buttons and boxes of remnants and create an artist's impression of this world and the world of cyber space.

Send your work to heatherblakey@iprimus.com.au

Responses will be regularly featured during 2005.