Nativity Story
as told by Aletta Mes

Art treasures from the Ice Age were found in the Lascaux Cave and provide modern man with a window into that primitive world. Similarly, artists and poets captured likenesses of the Gods and Goddesses of early times.

Travel through Europe and you are left with an abiding impression of how effectively the artists, commissioned by the Catholic Church to tell the Bible story, completed their mission. The images of Leonardo alone resonate for people all these years later.

This year Aletta Mes has captured the Nativity Story in her own inimitable style and the finished product is sensational. I hoped to show you it in a flash form slide show but technology beat us in the rush for Christmas Day.

Soul Food is very proud to showcase Aletta's gift for her granddaughter Maya.

Now that the year has come to a close and I begin thinking about 2005 I was wondering if anyone would be interested in mapping cyber space or capturing the spirit of the Soul Food Cafe so that like the Nativity story it gains a life of its own?

Anita Glenn sent me a link to the very beautiful fibre presentation of Raven Brings Light To The World and when I saw it I shivered with pleasure. Artwork, poetry and stories that help to create an ambiance for this cafe will be awarded space here at Soul Food.

So pull out your paper, pens, wacoms, glue sticks, magazines, paints, needles, threads, patches, beads, buttons and boxes of remnants and create an artist's impression of this world and the world of cyber space.

Send your work to

Responses will be regularly featured during 2005

my best wishes to each and every one of you.

Heather Blakey

Christmas Day Greetings from
The Soul Food Cafe
to everyone associated with the site
'On Earth Peace Goodwill to All'

The Nativity Story
as told by Aletta Mes
for Maya

Long ago there lived a lovely young woman named Mary and her husband Joseph who was a carpenter.

One day an Angel named Gabriel came from God in heaven to tell Mary she would have a baby. She should name him Jesus, and this baby would be our saviour.

At that time everyone had to register, so they could be counted and taxed. To do this every family had to go to the father's original birthplace.

Mary and Joseph had to return to Bethlehem, King David's city, where Joseph was from. It was a long journey taking many days.

They were tired when they arrived in Bethlehem. Mary was having her baby. They looked and looked, but they could find no place to stay. All the inns were full.

Just outside of Bethlehem they found a stable. They shared it with their donkey and an ox. Mary could now have her baby.

They wrapped the baby Jesus in swaddling clothes and laid him in the manger. The warm breath of the ox and donkey kept the little baby warm.

Far away three kings noticed a very bright star. It appeared in the sky when Jesus was born. The wise men travelled far following the star to visit the baby Jesus.

They all came to see the baby and to praise God. "Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace Good will toward all...

In the fields nearby there were Shepherds
Angels appeared to them singing.
The sky was bright. The Angels told them not to be afraid and find the baby Jesus.

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