Santa is looking to see if you have been good or bad. Now that is a worry! Be very frightened girls and boys!

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Make Albums as Gifts

During the last three weeks of the year I invariably pull out some classic movies and after the students have watched them we brainstorm and consider our responses.

This year after watching Stand By Me, two of my students made a CD of the soundtrack of the movie, complete with CD cover and glossy pages promoting each song. They agreed that, they could not agree, about which one of them could keep it so they gave it to me. I was jubilant. This is one of my favourite movies. So, this month I am bopping along with people like The Bobbettes as I drive to work.

Why not add making an album as part of your gift list this December?

Renovate an old Vinyl Cover

My Year 7's had a wonderful time redecorating my old Reader's Digest Vinyl Covers. You can buy old vinyls with drab covers in Charity Shops.

Aaron Zino made this one which will be a brilliant gift for his Mum this year. It includes a personal profile on the back and, he can always slip a CD of her favourite tracks inside.


Hunt through charity stores and find some albums to redecorate as very special, personalized gifts. Give these as presents with a burned CD and lyric sheets tucked inside, along with the old vinyl itself.