Winter Writing Activities

Cold, snowy winter weather! Looking for some inspiration or the "write" kind of prompting for the winter season? Never fear, look right here! We have writing prompts and photo inspiration to help you through your writing block and into creativity!

This page full of wonderful winter writing activities is provided by Chris Dunmire, operator of the Creativity Portal

Building a Writer's Desk

I have a project I am working on that I thought I would share with you all... I am building a writer's desk, as I have no place to write or work on art that isn't on the computer. I greatly need a place to sit and work. It will be crafted entirely from solid woods, and no computers will touch it. It will simply be for writing and art. I'm carefully planning it to be almost a ritualistic creation with as much life, meaning, and care as I can put into it. I want to do as much of it by hand as possible, working close to the wood.

The top will be of solid Birch, a tree associated with new life, birth, beginnings, childlike joy, fertility, dispelling negative energies, and giving. Some of these are believed especially since Birches are the first trees to appear in a clearing or cleared forest such as those caused by forest fire. It's bright white color surely has an influence as well, and the trees were called "lady of the woods" by the Celts.

Ash is the world tree, the center of the world, the axis mundi, and highly sacred in celtic cultures and others. As being a strong center and symbolic support of the world, I chose to use it as my vertical supports, as well as for its belief as a connection between the inner and outer worlds, and so naturally important for the arts.

And for the crossmembers, I will be using cherry. Mostly this is personal, but cherry is associated with love, fruitfulness, joy, and life. But, I guess my personal sentiment is close to the same anyways! In addition, the rich red-brown color, and its blood-red berries, seems to convey richness (not monetary) and vitality. And it's color only deepens with age with a deep richness and warmth. Part of it will be with sappy cherry, which simply is cherry lumber with some of the white sapwood (the fresher wood just inside the bark) waving in along the edges against the red-brown heartwood.

I'm designing it to have a naturalistic flow and old-world interconnection among the members. The legs will be like great trunks, branching off near the top to support the top. And it will be finished with simply a Danish oil to keep the natural wood finish.

It will be beautiful when it is done, I am sure, as well.
Josh Parkinson

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Summer Writing Activities

Arousing Summer Senses

Charles BLACKMAN Boat (1956) enamel paint on paper on (composition board) 96.2cm x 130.6cm Accession no. 3341-4 Purchased, 1956

"Summer was never my season. Too darn hot, too many tourists in the beach town I live in, too much traffic, too much. Just too much. And then, one summer, I fell in love. Swoony with passion and sensuality, I suddenly realized what the lure of summer was to many people. The lusciousness of ripe fruit, the slow touch of sun-warmed skin, languid listening to soul-stirring music on long summer nights… it all made sense to me (pun intended). And since then, summer has been the sensual season for me. I invite you to come with me on a summer celebration of the senses."

Arouse your summer senses

Summer Scenes

Slumbering sea, Mentone by Tom Roberts depicts a relaxing summer's day by the bay south of Melbourne. The whole layout of the painting is inviting. The beach is seen at eye-level, making us feel as if we are there, walking along the coarse sandy foreshore. The sun is at its peak, since the shadows are cast directly down and form the darkest tonal areas of the painting. The shadowed cliff, painted in deep browns, introduces a sense of solidity into an otherwise light and shimmering scene. Roberts has not concerned himself with realistic detail; the trees on top of the cliff become a single mass of various greens, the seated woman's costume lacks any specific detailing and her face remains quite featureless. Roberts has caught the casual atmosphere in a single moment, as in a snapshot. The people and even the dog in this painting are no longer in awe of, or conquering, nature as in earlier colonial art; rather they remain at ease with the environment and use it solely for leisure. The painting celebrates the general characteristics of sea, beach and cliffs at Mentone as the seated onlooker and the boating party partake in the lyricism of this warm summer's day.

Walk into a summer scene and write

More Summer Scenes

Summer afternoon, Templestowe by Louis Buvelot
Gathering cockles by Arthur Boyd
Lord of the Bush by Hans Heysen

Summer Guided Imagery

Rise early and come quietly to this zen like Queensland courtyard and sit with you pen and paper absorbing the gentle, summer sounds.

Alternatively you can sit meditating within the secret garden here at Soul Food.