Instead of making yourself feel even more of a dysfunctional freak by watching Brady Bunch style Christmas movies that are all sugar coated, try watching a couple of these socially realistic movies. While you are opting out remind yourself that not everyone is really functioning perfectly. The characters in these classic 'Ozzie' movies are way more fun than all those 'rellies' with perfect lives.

Priscilla blitzed overseas box offices. It caused a near riot at the Cannes Film Festival. It won an Academy Award. Itís fun, daring, over-the-top and unforgettable. Itís a road movie with attitude and the occasional frock. Three drag queens hit the road in a pink bus called Priscilla and head for Alice Springs to perform a cabaret show unlike anything the locals have seen before. The soundtrack features Abba, Gloria Gaynor and the Village People.

Muriel's Wedding
The Dish
The Castle
Strictly Ballroom
Picnic at Hanging Rock

Storm Boy was a popular children's film, based on the novel by Colin Theile, about a boy's friendship with a wild pelican and explores the right and wrong attitudes to the wilderness. The cast was led by Greg Rowe, 11 years old and previously untrained in acting. David Gulpilil played a supporting role as an Aboriginal youth who camps in the wildlife sanctuary and teaches 'Storm Boy' about the land, the sea and the Aboriginal people.

Bush Christmas: In this fine family adventure, a small group of brave children venture across the wild Australian bush pursuing horse thieves, while a search party looks for them.

My Brilliant Career
Sunday Too Far Away
The Devil's Playground
Getting of Wisdom
The Adventures of Barry McKenzie

'The Return of the King' is showing in Melbourne Cinemas now

Slip into the comfort of a good cinema chair, with a bag of especially selected sweets that you have bought cheaply elsewhere, and enjoy something made in New Zealand.

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Not the season to be Merry...

Over the weekend, when I escaped the growing frenzy that surrounds Christmas by retreating to the beach, my friend shared that her local church is running a service for people who do not feel that they have many reasons to feel merry this Christmas.

To acknowledge that not everyone is feeling incredibly merry is very important at this time of the year. It is hard enough to be burdened with the worries of the world, without being made to feel a misfit because you do not happen to feel incredibly happy.

Comforters! That is what you need when the world is merry and you are not!

Make a Home Cooked Meal to Share

This past weekend at Airies Inlet was one continuous eating feast that began with my gooey Mars Bar Slice and moved on to a traditional roast, served with one of those packets of ready roastable veggie's and some fresh greens. It was all covered with plenty of gravy. This was followed with rich plum pudding, out of a container of a course, and some fresh egg custard.

But, perhaps the best part of all was the authentic, real conversation about this not so perfect world of ours. It can be very therapeutic to be with someone wearing similar glasses to yourself, who knows all too well the space that you are in.

Mars Bar Slice.

3 oz butter
3 Mars Bars
3 cups of Rice Bubbles
1 block of Chocolate

Chop mars bars into slices and melt with butter. Stir in rice bubbles and press into dish.
Melt chocolate and cover slice.
Refrigerate till set. Slice through and serve.

Source: Belinda Parker.

Dress the Part

Rediscover Game Boards

There are any number of games out there and, if all your friends are out of town, you can always play online. Scrabble is one of our favourites although over the weekend it very nearly ended in tears when my beloved husband helped my friend beat me.

Comforting Retail Therapy

Make a trip to your favourite store. While I could spend hours in a good quality secondhand bookshop, the Bunnings Store (hardware and home renovation outlet) is like a sweet shop for my husband. I could spend hours browsing, rummaging, hunting for treasure. Needless to say I make sure I stop at my favourite coffee house in Carlton for a cappuchino and a slice of cheese cake. Armed with my 'find' I come home feeling decidedly nourished. So forget about that list of presents you are supposed to be sorting out and do what makes you happy today. And, make sure to ask them to gift wrap what you buy for yourself.

Take to your bed

When the world is getting me down and I really do not want to see anyone I quite literally take to my bed and hide under the doona. Sometimes this is the safest place to be. I confess that I do pop up from out of my hiding hole to eat another chocolate or read a good book. The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency is currently taking me away from the world. Botswana sounds like the perfect place to be. After reading this enchanting series it is very high on 'my must visit places'.

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