A Gift You Give Away
by Tony Anthony - Beneath Buddhas Eyes

A truly great secret I've learned is that it's only by giving to someone else that I am allowed to forget myself-me and all my miseries.

Giving is such an easy and yet such a rewarding act. I have learned that the best and simplest way to give is to share who I am-to share myself. Spread myself around a bit. What I'm doing right here, right now, is an example of how easy it is-easy even for a selfish fellow like me.

Believe me when I tell you, I've spent most of the days of my life trying to get to the front of the line, so to speak. I've been a person driven to accomplish things, to achieve whatever goals I've set in front of me. But what I've learned is that all of the drive, all of whatever accomplishments I've tallied, really didn't bring me any lasting happiness at all. It is truly only what I've given away that I've been allowed to keep.

The times I've managed to climb outside of my small self and have given freely of Me are the times I remember as the happiest.

I know this all has to do with learning to be open. Whenever I've dared to do that I've felt freer and clearer and more even, and to tell the truth, actually kind of immortal. Giving connects us with another human, which in turn lets us feel connected with everyone. Suddenly we feel like we've touched the Great Spirit. We're touching God.

It's when I don't feel stingy and don't feel afraid, that I am the happiest. Right here, right now, sharing these simple thoughts with you makes me feel just fine. For me, this is a lesson that has been long and hard in coming. My wish is that it will be easier for you. All you need is to lift up your arms, let out your light and with a jolly smile on your face, let the world see what's inside you. It's more than you can know.

As we all begin to share our souls, the sky will have more stars and stars that sparkle brighter.

by Tony Anthony - Beneath Buddahs Eyes