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An AWARE Christmas and New Year Celebration By Nicole Cody

Sit down and take a breath. It's been a big year. Many of us are experiencing an acceleration in our Learning right now. For some of us that has meant unprecedented opportunities, for some of us it's just felt like one battle after another, and for still others it's been one long roller coaster of ups and downs.

Christmas and the New Year are traditional times for completion, reflection, celebration and renewal. With them come Universal and Planetary energies that we can tap into to help us to make positive change in our lives, and in the wider world around us. Why not use these energies available to you now, to help you to shape the coming year into one that will be rewarding and satisfying for you.

The energies of 2004 bring with them a dawning awareness of our interconnectedness to all people and all things, and also a sense of personal responsibility. It will be a year where we will need to learn how to open up to the people around us, and to shed old feelings of fear, lack and limitation. There will be wonderful opportunities for us to resolve conflicts with our loved ones, to rebuild self esteem, and to understand more fully our own gifts and powers so that we can better meet our own needs and honour our true selves. 2004 will be a year of opportunities, encouraging us to follow our hearts and chase our dreams. This will be a year when we begin to understand that one person's actions and words can make a difference, and we will be encouraged and inspired to contribute our own voice to the growing winds of positive change.

Steps to an Aware Christmas

So how do we go about having an aware Christmas? First of all, bring the focus back to yourself. Often the person we consider least at this time of year is ourselves. Christmas is a time for reaffirming who we are, and where we have come from. It allows us the chance to give thanks for our lives, and the Blessing we have received. You may want to spend a few hours over several days to complete this process, but it is up to you to determine how much time you want to spend in personal reflection.

1. Reflection and thankfulness.

Set up a small area where you can make your Christmas shrine. (You can also use a cloth to wrap your candles and make your shrine portable!) Use a green candle for Earth Energy, a red candle for Love, and a white candle for Peace. You may want to include photos of loved ones who are absent. Each time you work in this space, light your candles, say a small prayer or dedication, and surround yourself with white Light.

Take time to reflect on the struggles and lessons you have dealt with this year. It is often useful to write them down in your journal too. Give thanks for the strength, courage and wisdom you have found within yourself in dealing with these situations.

Then take time to think on what has gone well for you. This can sometimes be hard at first if you have experienced a trying year. But look, and you will surely find something. Record these positive things so that you can come back to them in times of need and remind yourself of the positive things in your life.

2. Energy and Love

Take a moment to centre yourself. Visualise Divine Love and Light filling your soul. You may experience a golden or pinkish glow of Angelic Love and Divine Healing. Breathe this beautiful energy in and feel it fill you up. Remind yourself that you are Loved and Precious.

When you are ready, visualise the face of a loved one, here or departed, and send them a stream of loving Light from your heart chakra. You may also wish to add a special message from you, and see yourself hugging this person.

Send healing and unconditional love wherever there is a situation or conflict that is upsetting you. Practice genuine forgiveness for yourself and others.

Now tune into the planetary energy available to you at this time. Focus your concentration and your heart on the planet, the ground beneath you and the sky above. Feel the swirling powerful force of change, and wash this energy into and around you. Allow yourself to feel cleansed and renewed with this vibrant force of Good.

If you have time, visit a place of worship or with strong nature energy, and add your own prayerful thanks to this energetic source so that others may take from this energy later in times of need.

3. Gift to yourself

Select yourself a small meaningful gift, from you to yourself! It may not even be something of monetary value, but might instead be a gift of time for opportunities to do and practice activities that gladden your heart. Give something that would please your Inner Child! Wrap this gift, and write yourself a loving and heartfelt card to inspire and support yourself as you move forward to the New Year.

4. Gift to others

The most important gift you can give to others is love, forgiveness and kindness. Christmas is not about buying the latest and greatest, or the most expensive gifts. Choose wisely, and put thought and love into your gifts, whether they are bought, made or found. Write a card that lets the person know how you really feel about them, why you love and value them, and qualities you admire and respect in them. Too often these important things are left unsaid, and always, this is the most important part of any gift, far more precious than the paper or the contents inside.

Find a way to give a gift to someone you don't know. This might be as simple as a small donation of money, food or time to a charity, or a letter to someone you admire. A friend of mine wrote a letter to an old lady in her street, wishing her a Merry Christmas, and telling her how much she loved to walk past the old lady's beautifully kept garden and smell her flowers. If you have nothing to give, give something unwanted to an organization such as St Vincent De Paul. And give smiles freely too. They are one of the world's most under-rated renewable resources.

Give a gift to the world by planting a tree, recycling, and looking after the environment and animals!

5. Feasting and friendship

Make and partake of food with a spirit of love, joy and celebration. Dedicate your food with love, and put your heart energy into making, presenting and serving the food, even if it's just putting chips in a bowl or bikkies on a plate. Make things look beautiful, and be creative. Your good will and energy will nourish all around you, in more ways than you may realise! Remember to include people who may be forgotten, or alone. If you are the one who feels forgotten or alone, find an organisation or group where you can contribute and participate on Christmas day, such as a shelter or even a hospital or old people's home. Sharing gladdens the heart and brings Blessings and Joy!

Steps to an Aware New Year

Before New Year arrives, tidy your home. Go through your cupboards and remove items you haven't used, read or worn for over two years. If you're very brave, select items you haven't used for a year. Give these items away to friends or charities. If you are in a difficult financial situation yourself, it is also ok to exchange these items for the energy of money!

Once again use your Christmas shrine, and add another candle, for the colour that most reflects the energies you wish to possess this coming year. Place fresh flowers or leaves on your shrine, and anything that suggests the lifestyle and personal qualities your desire to engender in yourself.

1. Reflection and anticipation

Consider where you have come from to be where you are now. Identify anything you would like to change in your life, and anything you wish to include or remove from your life. Write these down, and think and pray upon them. When you are certain, take a piece of paper and write down the things you wish to remove from your life. Begin by writing, " I, (your name, eg Nicole Cody), accept the lessons and now renounce the following things in my life. Write your list, and then when you are finished draw a big X through the list. Beneath it write, "I move forward in Love and Light. I am truly Blessed, and it is so." Then sign your name.

Now do a similar list, claiming the things you want to bring into your world this year. Include the positive qualities and actions you are prepared to give to the Universe as well. Concentrate on your Soul Growth, and in creating a life that reflects your true nature and gifts. This may include attracting a loving partner or a fulfilling job. Change the initial wording on this list to read, "I, (your name, eg Nicole Cody), welcome the lessons and now accept the following things in my life". End and sign your list in the same way as the first one.

Place each list in a sealed envelope, to be opened at the conclusion of the coming year. Put energy into visualising the list of unwanted energies leaving, and the new welcomed energies entering your life.

You may also like to create an extra list with a wish for the World!

2. Energy and Love

Once again tune into the planetary energy available to you. When you are ready, pulse this positive, healing, vibrant energy out into the world around you. Feel it filling your world with positive change. Ask to be shown what you most need to know. Understand that you can return at any time during the year and repeat this process of re-energisation.

Welcome in the energy of the New Year with a loving and fun celebration, that is meaningful to you in some way. This could be something on your own or with friends, whatever energy is most needed in your life. Ensure your celebration is respectful of the Body, Mind and Spirit of yourself and others! Give Thanks, and Love!

Merry Christmas, and a Joyous New Year!