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Importance of Red Umbrella Day

Now Red Umbrella Day is just what Australia needs, and we do need a big umbrella.

We need an Umbrella to remind us of our happy past.

A Prime Minister said of us once "Don't bore the people with all the troubles of the country. Keep all that nonsense out of the papers or on the radio" (It was a long time ago)

Life went on and we were all oblivious to the problems in the rest of the wide world. But in those times we did have those who were bright, understanding, outrageous and funny in their antics.

They were definately not politicians Those radicals who protested, marched, defied convention, wore bright shirts with their thoughts and ideas printed on them were the shape changers who made a difference.

Now today there are those who think the same way but they are told "You are un-Australian" because you disagree.

I want them to be remembered under a big Red Umbrella, along with their forbears who were full of fun in times of adversity.

Lois Daley 2003