Winter Doldrums

I have a friend who says that she has them, the winter doldrums. These are those mist filled days when the stubble lies in the corn field. Gleamed.

These are the cold winter days when I hide from the world by my wood stove

and that seems to be how we go through seasons of our own also, sometimes hiding from the world and going within. For there is a wood stove in each of our winter hearts that we can snuggle up to, while all is shroud in mist around us.

You think, and you stew and you settle inside, before the spring comes when you show your out-world face.

Yes, winter can be so very good that way, a time for introspection. A time to dwell in the warmth within.

So don't feel bad if you feel you have nothing to put forth.

It is only a season.

by Trendle Ellwood