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Journey of the Heart
by Julie Robbins


Stephanie Hansen - Papier Mache
Aletta Mes - Feast of St. Nicolas
Stan Vogt - Photography Retrospective
Carol Abel -Moving Collage
Aletta Mes - Sparrow Girl
Carol Abel - Artistic Trading Cards
Edwina Peterson Cross - Study of Doors
Lois Daley - Heart Journey
Gail Kavanagh - Frida Kahlo
Gail Kavanagh - Making a Gypsy Caravan
Karen Roberts - Milagros
Shari Vogt - Soul Collage
Shari Vogt - Remembrance Balms

Transparencies - Jane Tilton

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Printmaking & Rubber Stamping If you've ever had the urge to make your own rubber stamps, this is a great primer into basic printmaking techniques.

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Puzzling ARTifact - Found Art! Be adventurous and paint some puzzling Found Art! Found Art "strives to make the world a better place right now by empowering people across to globe to share on a soul level."

Painted Dream Journal With a blank book cover as your canvas, imagine the artistic possibilities you can paint into your own dream journal.

Paper Doll Advent Calendar

This delightful advent calendar is full of great images to colour and wonderful information about Christmas. It will keep everyone occupied for many days. Thanks to Sylvia Kleindinst for the link.





December 14 2005

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Here in Australia everyone is preparing for the long summer holidays and this means that there is time to undertake some creative projects.

When we celebrated All Soul's Day on the Soul Food Silk Road Gail Kavanagh set about making an altered book as a tribute to the life of Frida Kahlo.

Consider whose life you would like to celebrate and think of following Gail's lead. Begin gathering supplies to make your altered books. Here is a wonderful list for Art Rat Packers to help you in your quest to find useful objects that can be recycled.

Alternatively you might follow Carol Abel's lead and make Artistic Trading Cards that could be framed in small collections.

This section is designed to help stimulate creativity and provide alternative ways of seeing art.