Write 1001 Words.

trading card by Carol Abel

The Caravan travelled in the summer and moved at night under the stars to avoid the heat of the scorching sun. The sky and constellations were the caravan travellerís map and calendar. The changing constellations revealed the season. The new and full moon indicated the distance to the next serai (inn or shelter). Planets, stars, eclipses, comets and novas predicted profound changes and events in the world and in lives.

Night has fallen and the night sky is filled with stars. Pilgrims have settled into the first Caravanserai where we will be staying for a number of days.

Make yourselves comfortable and enjoy your surroundings. le Enchanteur is dressing as Scheherzade tonight and will host an evening where pilgrims take a seat on the Golden Bone chair and tell a story.

Travellers should check out the Artefacts provided and use one of them to show and tell a story that will amuse the gathering.

Please post these artefact tales at the Caravanserai blog.









December 3 2005

Lemurian Artefacts and Ephemera
Gathered Along the Soul Food Silk Road

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Golden Bone Chair by Heather Blakey

Lemurian Artefacts and ephemera that have been gathered by travellers on their journey along the Soul Food Silk Road are nothing short of inspirational.

In line with the notion that a picture is worth a thousand words and in keeping with the old show and tell of primary school days, everyone is invited to tell a story using some of the artefacts that are presented within these galleries.

Choose an image, take a seat in the Golden Bone Chair and, in the spirit of Scheherzade,tell a story of 1001 words.

Post this, together with the image, or a link to the image, on the Lemurian Artefact blog. To join the Artefact blogger simply send an email to heatherblakey@iprimus.com.au with the subject line 'Please let me join Artefact Blog'.

The Mountain Travellers See in the Distance
by Fran Sbrocchi

Gallery One includes the work of Karen Roberts, Carol Abel, Lois Daley, faucon of Sakine'l, Gail Kavanagh, Fran Sbrocchi, Leonie Bryan, Monika Roleff, Luna Eternally, Edwina Peterson Cross, Shari Vogt and Heather Blakey.

Gallery Two features portals to the Soul Food Silk Road, Soul Hands and Doll Guides.

Gallery Three features assorted ephemera gathered along the way.

Gallery Four features masques provided by Pandora's Wardrobe for Baba's Masque Ball

Gallery Five features glorious trees that live within the Golden Seed Grove and Lemurian Flora. It also features some quirky characters who live in Grove.

Travellers should check out the Caravanserai Artefacts provided and use one of them to show and tell a story of 1001 words.

Postcards from the Road

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Image Hosting by PictureTrail.com