Christmas Memories

Licking the Dish

There is just a wee touch of nostalgia
As I stir up my Christmas cake,
And I remember the fun that I used to have,
When I looked at my Mother's bake

In the days that are now but a memory,
When a youngster of five or six,
I"d deposit myself on the table's edge,
Just to sample the Christmas mix.

For sultanas and currants and raisins too,
I would poise with my finger hooked
As I fished out a piece, that I fondly licked,
Just the minute that no one looked,

It's a pleasure that's simple ,you must agreee,
And I'll wager you too recall,
All the fun that you had when you "licked the dish"
At the time you were 3ft tall.

"Twas a part and a parcel of Christmas fun,
"Twas a thrill just to lick the spoon,
Or to scrape all the sides of the mixing bowl,
But it fades you'll agree,too soon.

Though the fashions may come,and the fashions go,
To the children,there's sheer delight,
In the tossing of coins in the Christmas cake,
Or in licking with all their might.

You may buy for them gifts that are rich or rare,
You may gratify every wish,
But the thing they'll remember in 50 years
Is the way that they licked that dish.

By Hope Spencer.