Nathan Beach was born in the middle of the middle day of 1 9 7 8 in dallas in texas grew up in a stable home with great parents and grandparents nearby graduated 1 9 9 6 from pearce high school in richardson in texas .

Smile Away The Blue
by Megan Warren

I'm feeling quite blue
not my usual hue
I need to snap out of it
but what shall I do?

I get out of bed
well, that's a good start
dress in bright colours
at least I'll look the part.

As I walk out the door
I take one last look
I need something
to complete my couture.

I grab my umbrella
bright red, it is too
as I open it up
I smile away the blue.

I must look a sight
all colour and bright
not a cloud in the sky
no rain in sight.

I'm no longer blue
I'm back to my usual hue
all thanks to
my bright red umbrella.

Megan Warren