Green Fingered Lemurian Bards


Imogen Crest
Lemurian Hermit

Lemuria is an ancient world where you will discover that there is a fusion of Australian/European flowers. Lemurian Hermit, Imogen Crest, is preserving the timeless beauty of Lemuria in her Crest Hermitage store. Support Imogen, who supports Soul Food, by purchasing talismans of Lemuria today.

Carol Abel


Carol Abel has the undisputed mantle of Soul Food Traveller and her pictorial displays are second to none. Her travel photography and writing has everyone at Soul Food drooling and ready to pack up and head off to more exotic places.

Faucon of Sakin'el
Bard of Lemuria


The Vale of Shernai is just one of many books that faucon of Sakin'el has written in response to the vision of Lemuria.
The Vale of Shernai is a fanciful tale of a journey with Pegasus with both magical and spiritual overtones which was nspired by a project for the Soul Food

Grand Tour

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Grand Lemurian Tour

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Week Eleven

Lemurian Greening

Viriditas, a word coined by Hildegard von Bingen describes the green force of life, expanding into the Universe.

German Abbess Hildegard von Bingen (1099 - 1179) was a visionary and mystic, artist and musical composer, scientist and medical practitioner, writer, theologian and preacher.

Enchanteur Spring 

Green Thumbs by Heather Blakey

Take care of the basics

How is it that some gardens flourish, while others just sit there doing nothing in particular?

No, it's not some sort of magic, or even green thumbs. It's just a matter of doing the basics: watering, weeding, feeding, pruning and mulching.

Mulch: every garden needs to be mulched. Mulch as soon as you plant, and mulch again when the layer is getting thin. Don't worry if the soil "eats" your mulch and it vanishes in a few months. Remember that mulch feeds your garden, keeps down weeds and keeps in moisture. A well mulched garden is always a flourishing one!

Water: all gardens look better if they're well watered. Install a drip irrigation system if you can. But if you can't — and if water is always going to be short — don't despair. Have a look in the Open Garden Guide at some of the stunning gardens that survive on very little water just by choosing the right plants. You can have an absolute stunner of a garden without doing any watering at all!

Feed: gardens need tucker to grow. I scatter plant food every spring. As long as you mulch, that's all the feeding your garden really needs. The only exception are the "big blossomers" — plants like roses or annuals that flower and flower and flower, and do respond better to a watering with soluble plant food every three weeks during their blooming season.

Pruning: plants look stronger and healthier and give more flowers/fruit with the right pruning. Snip off straggly growth and study gardening guides to see what pruning each plant really needs.

Here in Lemuria it is those who take care of the basics and make creativity a daily practice who have the greenest of thumbs. Commitment and a belief in the vision of Lemuria have led a number of writer's to identify their unique voice.





Hello and welcome to my dark little corner of the Cyber Universe.

I am a story teller from Seattle, Washington and I’ve been writing for a little over a year now at the Soul Food Cafe

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I’m also a guitarist and I tell tell some great jokes.

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