Run Away To Sea
Discover a New World

On the cerulean sea of thought, the many moods of the ocean come to life, its' majestic wonder is an enigma
When the sun shines on her surface it sometimes appears that diamonds are scattered as far as the eye can see
And if you try hard enough or dream big enough you might be able to grab one
On other days she is lazy, creating rolling hills of aquatic life and hypnotically brushing the shore of somewhere exotic
Beware though when she is angry
The largest ship she will toss about as a toy and break it in two
Many a soul have been lost to her vengeance and dark mindset, she is unforgiving in these times
So hold on for dear life and hope that her mood breaks and that maybe she will let you pass
by Sugar Bear

Moutain Tops of Lemuria

The appearance of the following pages occurs in consequence of a voyage through Polynesia being vividly recalled to mind by the perusal of a very impressive article, which appeared in "Cosmos", and Australian Magazine, of November 1984, from the pen of Annie Besant where the following striking passage occur:-

"When the vast Continent that once spread where now the Indian Ocean rolls, the continent of which Australia was the southernmost point, and of which the mountain tops are still to be found in the Islands of Polynesia: when that continent was peopled with a vast population, and Lemurian cities flung back the rays of the sun from his mighty temples, golden roofed, in those far off days the Divine science was taught, and Lemurian races bowed at the feet of the Divine Instructors.

When Lemuria perished by volcanic fires and left but a scattered frament to mark where it once stood....

But for us it will be enough to trace the Divine wisdom from the beginnings of our own, the Aryan race, which lay in its infancy on the mother breast of Asia, and whose cradle was rocked beneath the shelter of the Himalayan peaks. Round the cradle gathered the noble brotherhood of the Divine initiates, the guardians of the ancient teaching, whose strong hands had carrried it safely through Lemurian fires and Atlantean floods; and there were the teachers of the child humanity when re-incarnated as the fifth race, or Aryan man, it opened its eyes on Asian heavens and on Indian plains."

Meeting with these impressive sentences when passing through Longreach, a town in Central Australia, surrounded in a favourable year with well grassed plains, I could not divest my mind of thoughts that had been awakened in breathing the enchanted atmosphere of sunny Australia, so highly rarified that to breathe therein seemed to be breathing in an ocean of life; wherein echoes might even be heard of the ancient heavens and the Indian plains announcing that the territory whereon I stood was a part of the vast Ancient Lemuria.

And as these thoughts travel through my mind I observe in the distance the town I had passed through, with a prominent display of corrugated iron roofs flinging back the rays of the bright Australian sunshine that pours down upon them with an intensity sufficient to generate an electric force more than adequate to drive all the machinery of the Southern Hemisphere, so that recognising that a great Commonwealth is destined to unify all these realms, meditation evolves the great query - Can it be hoped that the unborn generations of the coming Australian Nation will bow at the feet of a Guiding intelligence?

That in Australia we stand upon enchanted ground seems undeniable; in reflecting thereon I call to mind the eventful voyage through Polynesia, when I verily sailed through the submerged mountain tops of a part of Ancient Lemuria. Accordingly, as a result of that voyage, I will now introduce the reader to some of our neighbours with whom, in our Australian Commonwealth, we are called to make an acquaintance, with relics to be found on those mountain tops - amongst them undoubtedly -

Discover the origins of Lemuria. Take a voyage of discovery through the Mountain Tops of Lemuria aboard the Petrel with George Chale Watson.

Female Pirates

Ching Shih terrorized the China Sea in the early 19th century. A brilliant female pirate, she commanded 1800 ships and about 80,000 pirates.

Alvida (aka Alwilda, Alfhild, Alvild) was the daughter of Synardus, the king of Gotland. Her parents kept her locked in her room, and set two poisonous snakes to keep away all but the most ardent of suitors. The most persisant and brave fellow turned out to be Prince Alf of Denmark, and though he passed the test Alvilda's parents were none too happy about the match. Deciding she wasn't ready to be wedded to some stuffy Prince, Alvilda took advantage of her parents' irresolution and hightailed it out of there. She joined a crew of cross-dressing women, but had barely got started in a career in terrorizing the Baltic coast when they came across a crew of pirates that had lost their Captain. They were so impressed by her capable skills that they voted unanimously to elect her as their new leader. With these fresh reinforcements beneath her ruthless guidance, this formidable woman became such a nuisance to the merchant trade that her former betrothed, Prince Alf, was dispatched to bring the troublesome pirates to justice.

Alvilda and her crew fought back to the best of their abilities, but in the gulf of Finland they were bested at last. Prince Alf and his men boarded the pirates' ship, where hand to hand fighting ensued. After sustaining heavy casualties, Alvilda's crew succumbed and she herself was taken captive. With her beauty concealed by a face covering helmet, she was taken prisoner, and it was only when this helmet was removed that Prince Alf realized who the scourge of the seas had been. For her part, Alvilda was so impressed by how Alf had fought in battle that she married him on the spot. She went on to share his wealth and throne as Queen of Denmark, and together they had a daughter, who they named Gurith. Whether little Gurith followed in her mother's ocean going ways is not known.

There is fuel aplenty for some lively adventures when, during your Grand Tour, you board the ship of a historical female pirate.

Dragon Lady of the South China Seas by Wendy Olson

Grand Tour

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Grand Lemurian Tour

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Week Twelve

All I remember from the night ride with Neptune's steeds
is a return to childhood
and in my hand I have
a lovely sea souvenir to lay on the shore...
by Imogen Crest


Calabar Crew by Carol Abel  

The Calabar - Adventure on the High Lemurian Seas  

The Calabar by Lori Gloyd

The Finger of Fate by Gail Kavanagh

Aargh – a tale is it, the price of this quest? Hehehehehehe. Let me look about me person, and see what I can find.

Well, now, would ye look at that. Sure, I haven’t given this anny thought at all in years, yet here it is, in the lining of me coat. What is it, ye say? What does it look like?

A map? A treasure map? You’d not be wrong.

I was on the Black Hearted Trollop when I came by this map. Her captain was Desdemona O’Herlihy, as black hearted a trollop as you’ll ever meet, and pray you don’t ever meet her. She used to be a high born lady, so they say, but the call of the sea dragged her away from the estate of her father, Lord O’Herlihy, and into a life of piracy and wickedness. O a fine beauty she was, with her long black hair and flashing green eyes, but she’d give no man quarter. If you wronged her she’d hunt you down to the ends of the earth, to extract her vengeance.

The previous captain of the Black Hearted Trollop – one Gules Hart - could tell you many tales about Desdemona, if he still lived. They were lovers once – she pursued him like a woman possessed, but when she caught him dallying with a barmaid on Pirate’s Cove, didn’t she turn and set fire to his ship in the harbour, burning it away to a film of black ash on the sea? And didn’t he then have another ship built, and called it the Black Hearted Trollop in her honour?

As far as Desdemona was concerned, a ship named for her was hers by right – so she set out to take it, and make the poor man walk the plank for daring to cross her in love and piracy.

The Black Hearted Trollop was the fastest ship at sea – there was nothing that could outrun it. It had sails as black as night, and it crept up on its prey like great black bird, with not a sound. It would not be an easy task to capture a ship like that, but Desdemona never shied from a challenge – beside, she was the canniest captain on the seven seas, and the one place the Black Hearted Trollop couldn’t hide was when she put into Pirate’s Cove.

Of course, Gules Hart was no fool either and he had many cronies at Pirate’s Cove, but he didn’t have the Finger of Fate. Desdemona did, and she wore it round her neck in a little leather pouch. No one knew its power but me – you see, I stood guard as she cut it from the hand of Scurvy Alice herself as she lay in her coffin. Scurvy Alice had strange powers, ye mind – she could point her finger at a man and he would drop dead in his tracks. We don’t know whether she died by design or accident – but believing there was an enemy concealed behind a curtain in the Crown and Anchor Bar, she pointed her finger at it – then the curtain dropped and revealed a mirror.

`Tis thought the pub owner did it, being tired of Alice killing his customers.

So one morning when the Black Hearted Trollop put into port and Gules was swaggering along the doc, Desdemona took the finger out of the leather pouch and pointed it at him – and sure as I’m sitting here, he clutched at his heart and dropped dead.

And didn’t his men go white at the sight of the finger and their leader’s body and turn and run like the scurvy dogs they were? All Desdemona had to do was walk aboard the Black Hearted Trollop and take command of her. None dared stop her because of the Finger of Scurvy Alice.
Such wicked times we had – there was not a treasure ship afloat that could ward off Desdemona and the Black Hearted Trollop. But while we grew in strength and riches, something was happening to Desdemona. Something was eating into her soul – one night I caught her trying to throw the finger overboard. But it would not leave her, and she screamed in rage when she saw me.

``Back away!” she cried. ``It points now without my direction!”

I scuttled below as fast as I could and hid myself in my bunk. I dared not go near my Captain – she spent her time alone in her cabin, or in the cave where we stashed the treasure. Though she was more beautiful than ever, no man went near her because those that did all died.

Where is she now? Well, I can tell you – this is the map to the treasure of the Black Hearted Trollop and welcome ye are to it. She left it to me when she took refuge in the cave, sickened by the loneliness the Finger of Fate caused her. For all I know she’s still there – guarding the treasure she massed with the Black Hearted Trollop, Scurvy Alice’s finger making sure no one comes near enough to take it.

Never was a pirate’s treasure better guarded.

Calabar Tales

Setting Sail by Sara Richards
Haunted Cove by Imogen Crest
Captain My Captain by Heather Blakey
In Neptune's Realm by Barbara Banta
Rushing at the Ship's Bell by Imogen Crest
The Conversation by Lori Gloyd
Mystery of the Lagoon by Vi Jones
Riding With Neptune by Prairie Muse
Neptune's Emissary by Lori Gloyd
A View From Neptune's Realm by Lori Gloyd
The Sailor's Dance by Fran Sbrocchi
One Eyed Red by Gwen Myers
An Important Dream by Kris Winnet
The Heart of a Queen by Barbara Banta
Don't Go Down to the Cove Today by Heather Blakey
le Enchanteur's Glasses by Heather Blakey
Pirate Treasure by Sue the Naturalist
Heart of Gravamina by Anita Marie Moscoso
Marooned by Lori Gloyd
Ile de Mora by Prairie Muse
Surrounded by Water - Wise Captain by Imogen Crest
One Eyed Red and the Galley by Gwen Myers
The Bog Queen by Heather Blakey
Sea Unicorn by Carolyn Hartley
Women of the Bog by Heather Blakey
Flight of Fancy by Carol Abel
Appeasing the Bog Queen by Heather Blakey
Arguing with a Wise Donkey by Imogen Crest
Joining the Crew by Vi Jones
The Sacrifice by Lori Gloyd
On Watch Aboard the Calabar by Heather Blakey
Skeleton Crew by Gwen Myers
Sailors Log Week 1 by Natalie Hogan
Three More Parrots Make a Decision by Fran Sbrocchi
Foreshadows by faucon of Sakin'el
Imogen's Menagerie by Imogen Crest
First Night on Board by Janet Andrews
A Fine Bright Morning by Janet Andrews
Opening the Galley by Gwen Myers
The Calabar at Sea by Carol Abel

Message In A Bottle

Belenus and I just read the note from Enchanteur withdread. Trawling across the sand with our bags, we paid our respects to Captain Wilder and her crew. We wereuneasy. The other travellers were boarding, and we caughtup on our adventures. Then, Belenus retired to a cornerof the cabin to read about "The Mountains of Lemuria", and somepeople the Enchanteur had warned us about...
Imogen Crest

message bottle

You have all heard of messages in a bottle. Well now it is your chance to write a story to go in a bottle that le Enchanteur can keep in her cabin on board the Calabar.

After yesterday's tantrum Enchanteur seems much more tranquil and her cabin appears idyllic but it would be well to be cautioned that she is a shape shifter and can change with the breezes that puff up the Calabar's sails.

Keep Enchanteur happy by doing a bit of the Arabian Nights style story telling and create some stories to go in bottles. Of course it would be fun to have decorated bottles to match the stories.

Bon Voyage by Lori Gloyd
Message in a Bottle by Prairie Muse

Pirate Colouring Story

Lesson #1: Never dive off the back of a ship in your underwear.

Lesson #2: Never dive off the back of a ship that is about ready to depart.

As I splashed around the water off the stern of the ship, savoring my new found freedom, I did not hear the uproar as word spread that the Captain had abandoned ship. Only when I saw the sail unfurl and catch the wind, did I realize something was amiss. I began shouting and waving at the crewmen on deck. They shouted back that they had their orders and could not stop the ship now. Instead, Esteban pulled out his saber and slashed the bindings of one of the small skiffs. It fell to the water and I scrambled aboard. Carlos, bless his heart, had run to my cabin and hastily gathered my meager belongings. He tossed to me my bag, my cloak, and one of the Captain’s dress gowns.
by Lori Gloyd

colouring story

Use this fun colouring in to kickstart a bold story about some ruthless pirates.

Night Ride with Neptune -Visit Exotic Lemurian Islands


by Peace Bird  

As the Calabar makes it's way around the Lemurian Archipelagoe it finds anchorage in places like the Island of the Temple People, the Island of the Bog People, White Owl Island and the famed Isle of Ancestors

Join the Calabar

To join the Calabar, have a cabin of your own and enjoy adventures on the high seas, simply send a letter of request to heatherblakey at dailywriting dot net.