2006 ADVENTure Calendar

The 2006 Adventure Calendar is all about following the footprints of others and exploring the exotic Lemurian Cosmos, a fantasy cyber realm at Soul Food.

To get the full benefit of this adventure calendar set up a travel journal for yourself and work simultaneously in it and online. Create an account with WordPress and establish two blogs for yourself. One is to record your adventures on the Lemurian Grand Tour and the other is to engage in an old style European Grand tour and follow the footsteps of the Orientalists.

This year the Grand Tour, Orientalist style activities will be in this left hand column and the right hand section will showcase the adventures of those who travelled in Lemuria during 2006.

Each day, for twenty five days in December a new page will open on the calendar. So set up your sketchbooks, visual journals, notebooks and blogs and enjoy an unforgettable adventure!

To get the full benefit of this adventure calendar set up a travel journal for yourself and work simultaneously in it and online. Carol Abel has provided a potted account of her journey in 2005 to assist pilgrims who stumble in and join our Grand Tour. She also provides instructions to help establish a visual journal. These pages are full of wonderful creative inspiration.

Heather Blakey
Webmaster of the Soul Food Cafe.

The Grand Tour


Paulo Monaldi, 1720-1799

The Grand Tour was a European travel itinerary that flourished from about 1660 until the arrival of mass rail transit in the 1820s. It was popular amongst young British upper-class men and served as an educational rite of passage for the wealthy. Its primary value lay in the exposure both to the cultural artifacts of antiquity and the Renaissance and to the aristocratic and fashionable society of the European Continent. A grand tour could last from several months to several years.

The idea of travel for the sake of curiosity and learning was a developing idea in the 18th century. With John Locke's Essay Concerning Human Understanding (1690) it was argued, and widely accepted, that knowledge comes entirely from the external senses, that what one knows comes from what physical stimuli one has been exposed to. Thus one could "use up" the environment, taking from it all it had to offer, requiring a change of location. Travel therefore was an obligation for the person who wanted to further develop the mind and expand knowledge. The typical 18th century sentiment was that of the studious observer traveling through foreign lands reporting their findings on human nature for those less fortunate who stayed at home. Traveling observation became a duty, an obligation to society at large to increase its welfare. The Grand Tour flourished in this mindset.[2]

The Grand Tour not only provided a liberal education, it provided those who could afford it the opportunity to buy things that were otherwise not available at home, and thus to increase prestige and standing. Grand Tourists would return with crates of art books, pictures, sculpture and other items of culture which would be displayed in libraries, cabinets, gardens and drawing rooms. The Grand Tour became a symbol of wealth and freedom.

Critics of the Grand Tour derided its lack of adventure. "The tour of Europe is a paltry thing", said one 18th century critic, "a tame, uniform, unvaried prospect". The Grand Tour was said to re-enforce the old preconceptions and prejudices about national characteristics, as Jean Gailhard's Compleat Gentleman (1678) observes: "French courteous. Spanish lordly. Italian amorous. German clownish."

After the arrival of mass transit around 1825 the custom of a Grand Tour continued, but it was of a qualitative difference - cheaper to undertake, less risky, easier, open to anyone. During much of the 19th century, most educated young men of privilege took the Grand Tour. Later, it also became fashionable for young women. A trip to Italy with a spinster aunt as chaperone was part of the upper-class lady's education.

Thomas Coryat's travel book Coryat's Crudities (1611) was an early influence on the Grand Tour. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the first recorded use of the term (and perhaps its introduction into the English language) was made by Richard Lassels in his book An Italian Voyage (1670).

Some contemporary sociologists view the Grand Tour as the prototype for modern tourism.

(from Wikipedia)

Packing for the Grand Tour


courtesy of Carol Abel

Each year when we went camping I would make a huge list of things to take with us. But this list for the Grand European Tour is the mother of all lists.

Sheets, pillows, blankets, and towels
Pistols preferably double barreled, pocketknife, and swords
Fork, spoon, and knife- eating utensils taken along for daily purposes
Soup, tea, salt, sugar chest, tea caddy, mustard, pepper, ginger, nutmeg, oatmeal, sago, and a box of spices and condiments- the food on the Grand Tour is very different from what one is used to at home, be prepared.
Plenty of medicine including powdered bay salt for the stomach and remedies against seasickness
Pocket door bolt, usually no key or lock exists on the doors in foreign countries
The Gentlemen’s Guide in his Tour through France, Letters From Italy (1792-1798), and The Grand Tour containing an exact Description of most of the Cities, Towns, and Remarkable Places of Europe, by Thomas Nugent- three popular guidebooks referred to often when traveling.
Book of Protestant Prayers and Hymns
Notebooks, Crayons, and pocket inkstand- to record experiences and activities
Lice proof attire
Linen overall to be worn over bed clothing
Broad brim hat
Passport holder with name, rank, and family name
Eye preservers
Waterproof buckskin breeches and at least a dozen strong shirts capable of withstanding horrendous treatment of the European washers, and any other clothing that you find appropriate. However, be sure to include at least one formal outfit.
Pocket sundial or watch
A tinder box to light a fire
Inflatable bath with bellows
Be sure to pack wisely!

What will you bring with you on the tour?
Make some luggage labels for your luggage!

Join our Grand Tour.


In 2005 travellers joined a Caravanserai and published their work during the month long advent calendar. This year (2006) activities will be provided for guests who wish to jump the ditch, climb the Magic Faraway Tree and travel on the 'Grand Tour'

Participants are invited to join a team on the WordPress 'Grand Tour' site and can record their month long journey both here and on their personal bloggers.

Once you have your blogs established begin by writing about or illustrating your packed bags. Make some luggage labels and collect some stamps to put on your mail.

Send a link to heatherblakey at dailywriting dot net and you will be signed in to the team blog and your Grand Tour Travel blogs will be listed on the team blog.

In the tradition of the Grand Tours you will return, by month's end, with artefacts, writing, sketches, art and ephemera.

safe cyber journeying
Heather Blakey
Webmaster Soul Food Cafe

Grand Tour

Collective Blog: Grand Tour at WordPress

Grand Lemurian Tour

Collective Blog: Lemurian Tours







Week One

The Lemurian Grand Tour
in letters, journals, books, and prints


Enchanteur by Heather Blakey

What goes on in blogs with mythical names like the Lemurian Abbey, Riversleigh Manor, The City of Ladies, the Hermitage, Riversleigh, the Calabar and the Gypsy Camp? Plenty!

Lemuria is a fantasy realm which you enter through a magic portal not unlike that which took Alice in to Wonderland or the children in to Narnia.

During 2006 a group of travellers accepted le Enchanteur's invitation to join her on a grand tour of Lemuria. Unlike the Grand Tour of Europe, which followed prescribed routes and was predictable, a tour of Lemuria is far from predictable. Residents of Lemuria have come to appreciate that while le Enchanteur presides over the realm ANYTHING is possible and that their lives will be regularly turned upside down.

This adventURE calendar preserves that journey and provides a cultural, historic, social record for those who may wish to follow in their footsteps and help populate Lemuria. Carol Abel acted as a scribe and has recorded many shared experiences.

Packing to Go


Choose a Lemurian bag from the Soul Food Hermitage shop to store all your goodies and support Soul Food and the Advent Calendar. All purchases from the store add to your site credits and eligibility to travel with Enchanteur on her private Heroine's Journey during 2007.

Pack your bag and prepare to leave at short notice. Create an account with WordPress and set up a blogger that will act as the suitcase which you will bring back, brim full of art, writing, manuscripts, textiles, photographs, letter and other ephemera.

Passing Through The Portal and Meeting Enchanteur

Within moments of deciding to seek the creative grail, the elixir of creativity, you pass through a special portal and enter the imaginary world of Lemuria, the world of le Enchanteur.

In your workbook take the time to show or describe what your portal looked like.

As you arrive le Enchanteur gives you a special bag filled with talismans for your journey. In your bag you will find a packet of dream seeds, spectacles, a candlestick, a tiny anchor, a medallion with the imprint of the Unicorn and a set of wings. Each bag contains something that has been chosen specifically for each recipient.

Do not misplace this bag or let anyone take it from you. Keep it with you at all times.

The door opens and a vista of Lemuria spreads before you.

Share with us what you see, hear, smell, sense, taste, feel.

Through The Portal


portal by Monika Roleff

She Heard Singing

She heard singing when there were no singers.

She touched starlight in the caves

And glimpsed swift flashes of fairy wings

dancing at the edge of the world.

A breath is all it takes

To pass through

Into undisturbed lands

Of sunlight and mystery.


A Step Forward

Portal….Schmortal… I don’t need one….I’m already on this side of the Portal. I’ve been hanging out in Lemuria for months now, traveling the Silk Road and the Serpentine Trail, resting in the House of the Serpents, the Hermitage, and the Old Abbey. I have dipped my feet into the cold waters of Duwamish Bay and I have lived in Cyberia for many weeks now. I have enjoyed the cool mists of the forest and the dusty beauty of the Land of Stones.

Now I am sitting on the other side of the Portal waiting for new visitors to come.I have seen Faucon of Sakin’el stride by with stately confidence. Carol the Travelling Troubador also passed by, singing her lovely lays. Ha! Soul Sister plopped right in, just missing a wet landing in mud puddle. She must have irked le Enchanteur. The rest should be coming by shortly, I’m sure.

As for me, I will just lounge here on the portal benches to wave at the others as they come——

Hello? What is that?! There’s a bright light coming– a mist is starting to swirl about me. I hear a rumbling and I smell the sea…. what is happening to me?  

Instantly, I was no longer at the portal. I find myself on my back, soft powdery sand surrounding me. I dig my hands into the sand.  It is cool and moist. I open my eyes and am blinded by a blazing sun directly overhead in a clear cerulean sky. I taste salt on my tongue and feel a tempering cool breeze caress my face. I hear the surging roar of surf.

I sit up. I am on a long beach. I am overcome by colors: Shades of blue, gold and brilliant white.   I am so humbled. How could I have been so arrogant to believe that once I had passed through one portal to Lemuria that I would never have to pass again. There are many layers to Lemuria and each requires a step forward to embrace new adventures, new discoveries.

In the distance I see the other travellers. They are waving and motioning me to come along. And behind them stands le Enchanteur, smiling.

 Lori Gloyd (c) 2006

Passing In To The Other World

The grass is burnt straw brown of high summer. Heat rises from the earth in geometric heat waves. Olives smoulder in the heat and the scent is resinous and strong all around. I scramble up the mountainside onto a small ledge. The way is hard and takes some effort. I skin my knees - an offering of blood. I don't give up. I take a sip of the sweet cordial water from my pack that I have bought with me and move on. The ledge becomes concave and I walk into a thorny encrusted bowl of shaped area that looks like a dead end.

I see the brown slither of an asp and feel a stirring of excitement. The bright bird watches me from behind a protective screen of thorns. I move strangely towards the centre of the mountain wall where the thorns become stangely matted. They are a barrier protecting and veiling something. I pull aside a couple of branches and cut my hands - more blood offering. I'm starting to feel annoyed but excited. Underneath the branches is a sandy dip that becomes a hole. I can see the dark eyes of a cave a few metres in. I can even taste the slight dampness of air emanating from it and vaporising quickly in this oven like heat. One would never know this entrance was here unless guided directly to it. It is a natural made door of thorns grwon by august Mother Nature herself.

I am about to get on my belly to slither through on my belly when three ghosts appear like dirty stains on the landscape. They are my mother, father and sister. Ontological terror clutches my throat. I am paralysed by fear and anger. These are jealous shades of the past, a chorus of spite and angry hatred. The sour smell of unlived life and thwarted ego emanates from them. In unison they gibber, "Don't you dare pass this threshold! It is not for you. Who do you think you are? If we cannot do it why should you? You have no right - even to live. We will break you, haunt you forever rather than let you pass."

The shades of my family fly at me and I see the shade of my sister eagerly attach itself to my wrist with hungry gaping lips to suck from one of my thorn wounds. Monumental titanic rage rises up in me. A lifetime of a spirit held in check erups into a tidal wave of fury that explodes outwards and burns teh stains into nothingness. "Fuck them!" I say as I slither onto my belly and pass into the Other World.
S.C. 2005

Journey of Fire


Satchel full of things

to take, flint and

paper, apple and quill,

notes for the way.

Travellers all,


excitement crowd.

A page of history

disintegrates in the flames.

(copyright Imogen Crest 2006.)


Portals and Setting Out

Hope I'm not too late, I've just arrived at the door. It is a beautiful timber door of a rich red cedar colour. The top half of the door has inserts of glass of a lovely lavender shade. The top windows are arched. The glass inserts are there to let the light shine through to the inside.

Usually the door is open so that others just knock and come in. However,of late it seems that the door is sometimes closed and I'm not too sure why this is.
Leonie Bryant 2005

On a Portal Green by faucon of Sakin'el
Troubadour Sets Out by Carol Abel
Departure by Carol Abel
A Leap of Faith by Janet Andrews
Enchanted Realm - Lemurian Journeying by Monika Roleff
Diary of a frantic traveller by Callistolee
I Am Not Alone by Shiloh Cannon Blackburn
Again The Doorway by Gwen Myers
Hoof Beats Echo by Jane Tilton
Late Arrival and Abrupt Departure by Carol Abel
Do I Dare? Ninja Cat
Portal Panic Stacey Anne Cole
Beginning the Journey at Last Stacey Anne Cole
Midnight in the Valley of Oaks by Soulwright
Haibun The Dream of My Vision by Gail Kavanagh
Doorways by Anita Marie Moscoso
Tables and Doors by Karen Roberts
Doorway by Lois Daley
The Door by Carol Abel
Through the Door by Ashley Shea
After Joining You On the Bus by Fran Sbrocchi
Luna's Door by Luna Eternally
tis too dark to see by Stephanie Hansen
On the Road Again by Gail Kavanagh
Serpentine Road Calls by Stella Rae
Through the Gate by Samm
Ready to Rumble by Lori Gloyd
Journey Preperations by Patricia Stewart
Pushing the Portal Envelope by Faucon of Sakin'el
Facing the Portal by Gwen Myers
Knock Knock by Julia Clay
Crumbling Towers A Portal by Ru Song
Crumbling Towers 2 by Ru Song
Arrriving and Taking Stock by Soul Tide
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