Carols In the Lemurian Abbey

A carol is a festive song, generally religious but not necessarily connected with church worship, and often with a dance-like or popular character.

The Lemurian Abbey is a jewel in the Lemurian crown and is the setting for carols.

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Heartfelt thanks to all Lemurians who followed le Enchanteur and made this calendar possible.

Special thanks to

Lori Gloyd
Carol Abel
Monika Roleff

for their practical support during the construction of this calendar.


Week 25

Christmas at Rivesleigh

Introduced into Sweden from Germany, the Christmas tree has been a part of Christmas in Sweden since the 1700s. It was not until well into the last century that the custom became general, however. Nearly every Swedish household now brings in a tree one or two days before Christmas and decorates it with sparkling objects, gaily wrapped candies, glass bulbs and other small trinkets, many made of straw. The tree is also adorned with lights - usually electric these days, although some still use stearin candles. The tree is kept watered, and many households keep their trees until the very end of the holiday, which falls on the twentieth day after Christmas - Knut's day in the Swedish calendar. Lighted trees outdoors have become increasingly common, and every town and village decorates a community tree

Author: Ingemar Liman
Translation: Charly Hultén.

Travellers have arrived at Riversleigh, have found their rooms and are digging in for the holiday season and New Year. Christmas is just one of the annual festivals celebrated in this old manor house. Halloween, Valentines, All Saints and Chinese New Year have been celebrated here.

Join this period of festival and festivity at Soul Food. Ebony Wilder, the housekeeper has filled the pantries with food and the staff have been working hard to make sure that everything is in order.