I surrender
The weight of a thousand hurts
Little worry worms
That burrow through my sou
lAnd leave dirty tracks
smeared grudge marks
cockroach droppings
Gail Kavanagh


courtesy of Carol Abel

Essential Release

Whether you are undertaking the Grand Lemurian Tour, the Grand World Tour or the Heroine's journey it is inevitable that you will be asked to slough away something - to make a sacrifice before moving on.

According to Mircea Eliade, traditional rituals of descent tend to follow a universal pattern.

1. separation from the family
2. regression to a pre-natal state, the cosmic night
3. death, dismemberment, suffering
4. rebirth
5. killing of another

Until Inanna opened her ear to the Great Below her understanding was limited.

As artists, in order to appreciate and 'know', to transform the imperceptible into meaning, to gain an understanding of what is needed we need to open our ear to the Great Below.

There is no need for us to physically separate from family, die, dismember anyone, or kill anything. Rather it is a metaphoric dismemberment of old patterns, the killing off of old habits, the honest appraisal of our relationships which is what we may choose to undertake in the quest for the holy, creative grail.

When travellers prepared to step through the enchanted doorway to enter the Serpentine Road they were asked to slough a skin and leave something that would be put in a box for safe keeping.


Casting off false selves
Firm holds on reality–
What is this? An idea,
a concept another articulated many moons ago,
or maybe yesterday,
I do not have to choose to buy it.
Of that I am sure and of no more than this,
that there is an inner light
shimmering within,
which calls to me
through my yearnings and in my dreams,
and asks that I take a cloth and rub the mirror clean,
for then I shall see into a glass
but darkly.
No questions,
no answers,
only presence

by Soul Sister


Spend some time, wherever you are, sloughing away, releasing set ways and practices!


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Week Five

I really do not like dark places, I prefer to walk in illumination, upright, and free to find my way around by some other means than crawling through the muck, and having my miner’s light beam its narrow pathway into the darkness. But I have heard that there is company awaiting me, and nuggets of real value to be mined from behind this door. So I gather courage, and insist that it be friends with fear.
Debbie Necessary Gibson

Olympic Mountains Alluvial Mine
The Descent

The Keeper of the Mine is satisified with the gifts of appeasement that you have left and she tells Annie Marshall, one of the guides who work in the mine, to bring you to the entrance of the main caverns that leads to the Lemurian Alluvial Mine.

Mine Entrance 

Annie Marshall by Heather Blakey

Remembering those cave tours where you admired the stalagtites, stalegmites and columns memories drift back of a guide talking about how the cave features were formed as calcite droplets fell to the floor of the cave. Familiar smells return as you stand in the corridor leading to the cavern where a special door leads to the Alluvial Mine. But this cavern is like no other that you have stood in. The walls are filled with drawings done by travellers who have passed this way.

“Among miners rites calling for a state of cleanliness, fasting, meditation, prayers and acts of worship were strictly observed. All these things were ordained by the very nature of the operation to be conducted because the area to be entered is sacred and inviolable, subterranean life and the spirits reigning there are about to be disturbed… There is a feeling of venturing into a domain which by rights does not belong to humankind. - the subterranean world with its mysteries of mineral gestation which has been slowly taking its course in the bowers of the Earth Mother. There is above all the feeling that one is meddling with the natural order of things ruled by some higher law and intervening in a secret and sacred process.” Mircea Eliade The Forge and the Crucible.

Every precaution must be taken. A rites de passage is essential. Mystery is at stake and just as mining for minerals changed entire modes of existence, mining within the alluvial mine will change the lives of those who enter.

Charged with a sense of holiness you make an offering at the door - slough a skin and leave it behind.

After sloughing a skin you feel energised.

Press your hand into the handprint on the door at the end of the tunnel and trust that the door will permit you to pass by.

Describe what is on the other side of the door.

An Alluvial Mine Nugget 

The Other Side of the Door by Heather Blakey

Breath of Fresh Air

I press my hand into the handprint which has appeared right in front of me at shoulder height.  The handprint wasn’t there a moment ago, but it was this same door which only moments ago, welcomed my Sloughing Stone and turned it into a sparkling gem to go along with the others decorating the door.   This same door which was made out of the strange wood which seemed prevalent in this part of the world.  I wondered whether I’d be able to take a sample back with me when I returned home.  I swallowed a gulp of air as I watched the wood move around my hand, shifting, pushing, molding to its shape.  I resisted the urge to pull my hand away fast but made the decision to try to be brave instead.  I also wanted to close my eyes but made them wider instead.  I was determined to break out of my old patterns of living as I didn’t see any other way to survive the journey ahead.

The wooden door had finished it’s molding and was holding tight to my hand.  I wondered whether my hand would ever be the same again and turned my head to look behind me.  I hoped that Annie might have come back and followed me down the tunnel to keep an eye on me but it seems I really was on my own.

The door began to warm around my hand and I stifled a whimper as I also tried to keep still.  The wood around my hand was glowing a strange yellow colour and my hand felt like it was immersed in almost too hot water.  Shivers and warmth ran up and down my arm but still I didn’t move.  Then suddenly everything abruptly stopped.  The heat went away as did the glowing and my hand fell away to my side.  I anxiously inspected it expected to at least see some evidence of what it had been through but my hand was fine.  In fact the skin seemed smoother and softer.  As I drew a sigh of relief, I heard several loud clicks and the large door in front of me swung inwards.  Unexpectedly the air that rushed into my face was as fresh as a meadow of daisies.  I frowned in puzzlement and pushed the door further open.

Spread before me was a large cavern dominated by a shallow pool of clear water.  On the far side of the cavern beside a doorway, was a small fountain trickling the same cool water down a smooth curved stone which then deposited the water into the pool.  I couldn’t see why the water in the pool wasn’t overflowing but there must have been a tiny drain somewhere keeping the water level steady.

The sound of the trickling water, instantly soothed my nerves and I stepped into the cavern.  I willed my feet to keep moving as I looked around.  The cavern wasn’t that big and had a path the wound around the edges of the pool towards the doorway on the other side.  As I neared the pool I could hear voices.  They were sweet and melodic and I realised that they were singing a strange kind of song using words I didn’t recognise as any of this world.  The sound of the singing and the trickling of the water made my body feel completely relaxed even as my mind wanted to shout caution.

I don’t know how long I stood there staring at the pool but after a while I  heard quiet clicks behind me.  I looked around and noticed that the door that allowed me to enter the Alluvial Mine had closed and there was now no going back.  I returned my gaze to the pool and for the first time noticed a scooped out stone perched at the edge of the pool.  It drew me and invited me to sit down.  The voices still sang and the trickling was still constant but my mind was now as peaceful as my body.

by Soultide

Mining and Pulling Out Nuggets of Gold

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After sloughing, enter the mine.... what is your mine like?