room of own

by Patricia Stewart

This journey may wash away
the soil that cocoons my roots.
I may drift downstream
bumping into other loose
wild things.
Only resting
when the waters
slow down.
Find a new place
that gives me hope
and space to

Luna Eternally

Grand Tour Residences
A Room of One's Own

But, you may say, we asked you to speak about women and fiction—what, has that got to do with a room of one’s own? I will try to explain.
A Room of One's Own by Virginia Wolfe


The Door by Carolyn Hartley

You might choose to form a group like the Bloomsbury Group and travel with a group of Artists, Writers and Thinkers.

Virginia Wolfe and her husband lived in bought Monk's House, a modest weatherboarded house in the main street of Rodmell as a retreat from London life.
The large garden and beautiful view across the river Ouse to the hills beyond made up for some of the disadvantages of the house. These included a well as the only source of water and oil lamps for lighting.

Places to Stay during Grand Tour


At Sissinghurst


The Hotel Danieli in Venice


In a Folly
by Nancy

bedouin tent

In a Bedouin Tent

tree house

In a Tree House

Grand Tour

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Grand Lemurian Tour

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Week Seven

Reaching Riversleigh Manor

Room at Riversleigh by Tiny Froglet

"Imagine for a moment that you are stretched out on a couch with a comfortable group of well-heeled friends who are brought together by their love of the written word, their love of fine art, and their love of their own voices. People who sit together on numerous occasions for the simple pleasure of talking about anything that comes to mind -- politics, love, painting, their upper-class friends and colleagues, their own writing, other people's writing (especially if they don't like certain popular or rising writers, and they wish to make their views known). Imagine participating in exciting debate or idle chatter, or exchanging your latest work of fiction for that of your friends in order to help solidify a sentence or clarify an image. All the while, hot drinks and platters of food are passed around to quench other forms of hunger and thirst."
The Bloomsbury Group


Tea House by Karen Winters

dining room

Winnie Rose Reyes
Room at Riversleigh

All Lemurian roads and laneways invariably lead to Riversleigh Manor.

Riversleigh Manor is a rambling old, virtual manor house with many private quarters. This house was once the house of Lord and Lady someone or other and was later acquired by the Abbess and belongs to the Lemurian Abbey. Paths from Riversleigh lead through the Golden Seed Grove to the, Gyspy Camp the The Hermitage and the Lemurian Abbey. Riversleigh Manor is the base home of those who have decided to come ad find the Magic Faraway Tree, which is said to be within the Enchanted Golden Seed Grove.

At Riversleigh residents can claim a room of their own and settle in for the season. Of course, it is never quiet at Rivesleigh and le Enchanteur is just as likely to sweep in telling everyone about some new adventure. Then bags are hastily packed and everyone hits the road again.

But all roads lead back to Riversleigh and you will usually find someone there, being cared for by Ebony Wilder, the housekeeper and other members of the staff.

Arriving at Riversleigh

make riversleigh

Make Riversleigh Manor
A Victorian Riversleigh

I have been wandering around this wonderful old mansion. It has so many nooks and crannies and everyone seems to be settling in very comfortably.

I have been down to the kitchen and experienced the ghostly presence of all those truly comforting women who had controlled the household over the years. They cooked, worked and gossiped their way through the long days, keeping the members of the houshold well fed and nurtured. It looks to me as though Faucon is going to look after us now with his delectable specialities.

Wandering through the gardens, I found my favourite place - a space to sit and ponder.

Memories came flooding back

-The Pepper Tree-

Years long past

The scrunchy feel of the pink paper casings

The fragrance of the pepper corns

The feathery leaves

And weeping branches touching the ground

It was a safe and private space

Where a little girl could play

For anyone who wants to take a rest, to get away and have some space, wander on down and I can promise you it is worth a visit.

Leonie Bryant (Vale Leonie)

At Riversleigh - Our Bloomsbury Group


I would love to wander about in Sylvia's mansion,
and exploring the Manor House though others eyes,
is a special wonder and caress of passion, but --
if I were to choose a place to live ... faucon of Sakin'el

Riversleigh Manor Elm Views by Imogen Crest
Lovely Painting in My Room by Rhonda
Pan by Imogen Crest
My Little Corner of the World by Karen Roberts
The Entrance of Riversleigh by Jane Tilton
Was This The Same Riversleigh by Lois Daly
Strange Magic Windows That Talk by Imogen Crest
Arriving by Jan Kricker
Pedaling My Way to Riversleigh by Vi Jones
A View of Riversleigh by Imogen Crest
Creatures of the Night by Daffy
Remember Riversleigh by Anita Marie Moscoso
Inspirational Gardening by Janie Hart
Riding on Birkenstein by Gail Kavanagh
Dutch Rules at Last by Aletta Mes
Tree Song by Ashley Shea
The Magic Hawthorn by Gail Kavanagh
No Boredom Here by Shiloh Cannon Blackburn
Forest Nap a Fitz by Faucon of Sakin'el
More Than a Monteray by Imogen Crest
I Am On My Way At Last by Lois Daley
I Dreamed Last Night by Vi Jones
Water Flowing Underground by Imogen Crest
Own by Gail Kavanagh
A Midnight Coversation in Riversleigh Manor by Anita Marie Moscoso
Faraway in Riversleigh by Anita Marie Moscoso
The Vine by Vi Jones
Beginnings by Sara Richards
A Room of One's Own by Gail Kavanagh
Building a Room of One's Own by Patricia Stewart
The Wanderer by Fran Sbrocchi
A Tea Moment by Karen Winters
Returning to Riversleigh by Rhonda
A Name and a Room by Nancy
All Going to Riversleigh by Heather Blakey
Tea Time at Riversleigh by Anita Marie Moscoso
A Room of Her Own by Heather Blakey
Madness at Rivesleigh by Anita Marie Moscoso
Inimitable Gardener by Patricia Stewart
Arrrival by Sara Richards
My Rivesleigh by Blue Ridge Girl
My Room at Riversleigh by Stacey Anne Cole
An Introduction by Lori Gloyd
The Riversleigh Visitor by Lori Gloyd
Riversleigh Vistor Part 2 by Lori Gloyd
So Excited to be Invited by Melody Adams
We're Room Mates by Gwen Myers
Solitude by Stacey Anne Cole
Hiding in my Room by Gwen Myers
Manor Morning by faucon of Sakin'el
Kingcups and Lady Smock by Traveller
A Room of One's Own by Phillososphical
Life at Riversleigh by Sara Richards
To Plant or Not to Plant That is the Question by Shiloh Cannon Blackburn
Coming full Circle by Lori Gloyd
Soultide's Study
Enchanteur Regenerates by Heather Blakey
Artist in Residence by Heather Blakey
Dream Cottage Found by Imogen Crest
Wanderer by Fran Sbrocchi

Keys to a Rooms at Riversleigh


Enchanteur gives participating travellers a key to open the door to a room of your own at Riversleigh. To open the door you need to email the Trekking Lemuria group and ask for the door to be opened (to be added to the Riversleigh Manor House weblog)

Once you have settled take the time to explore the house and the grounds. Meet the staff and jump the ditch and wander in to the Golden Seed Grove, deep within the Enchanted Wood, which is behind the house. Find the garden shed and make sure to visit Ebony Wilder in the kitchen. The kitchen is always open and has well stocked cupboards.

Share your discoveries on the Lemurian Tour blog and begin posting at Riversleigh and show us your room.

Riversleigh Manhole Cover Project

tree house

In the woods there is a treehouse, built by Ashley Shea and when it is the season folk gather there to undertake craft work and send mail art to one another. During 2006 people participated in a Manhole Cover Project which witnessed some wonderful work.

Join the fun and discover a subterranean world beneath the old Manor.