Places of the Heart

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The Grand Tour provides each traveller with the opportunity to reach a place of their heart. In 2001 my pilgrimage reached it's climax when I arrived at Delphi Greece, walked the Sacred Way and drank from the waters of Castalia.
Heather Blakey

Serenity Amidst Chaos - The Phillipines




Its known as the summer capital of the Philippines because of its cold weather. It was even more of a delight to visit in October as its get really cold when it rains. When you've lived in the hot humid zone of the city (36-43 degrees) freeaing weather is a welcome respit.

Oh, these serene view is enough to tempt me to consider becoming a Good Shepherd nun. Now there's just the matter of getting accepted into the congregation. I wonder if they'd welcome a flamboyant pantheist into their quiet community. A-ha-ha!

My friends and I went to the Good Shepherd Seminary for a rest stop and to buy some of their famous pastries and fruit preserves. It just occured to me now that it would've been great to include a picture of such goodies but it is now day four since my arrival from Baguio ang the goodies are all gone. My sister just picked up her pasalubong (treats that friends and family bring back from the place they had a holiday. Its a Filipino tradition) yesterday. Next time then.

We had to leave on the last day of the seminar even though we would've wanted to stay another day. I'm glad we did. A storm came in a couple of hours after our 5:20PM bus left.

by Winnie Rose Reyes

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Day Nine

Mapping the Heart - Descansos

"Of course you know it isn't going to be that easy," the bees buzz. As I'd now shed my skin, they are free to fly around me for the first time. I am touched that they don't make a big deal out of this, or berate me for hiding them from view. They seem to understand that our symbiosis is not an easy one for me.
Verity - Marked Out Heart

Those who traverse the roads of Lemuria find that the most important journey they take is the journey within. It is only when we come to truly 'know thyself' that, as creatives we are able to find our authentic voice.

Without exception travellers have found the prospect of descending, within, of making Descansos, daunting. It seems to be a universal fear that when we travel within we will find a lonely wasteland. For many it is easier to forget than it is to remember. Carol Abel provided some remedies to protect us from forgetting and ensuring that we remember.

To map our hearts can be painful, but invariably it is essential if we are to reach our creative potential.

Bound by Luna Eternally


Bound tight
gagged and blind
I lost myself

Ideas hidden away
locked, sealed

A small voice
with no confidence
head low

Beaten down
by words that despise
and hurt

Yet words
are the way
to freedom

Release them
that lay heavy
on my heart

They ooze
like sludge


Word by word
Poem by poem
Blog by blog

A wisp of a voice
grows strong

My voice
came as a surprise
like a child

and laughing
with delight

Here I am
not a child

But believing
I can be again

On my terms

Thank You Heather!

Walls by Luna Eternally


Day by day
brick by brick
a wall was created
that enclosed my heart

Night by night
brick by brick
I mourned the loss
of my innocence

Day into night
night into day
the wall came down
to create a bridge

Scars of Descansos


My body is marked by the scars of descansos: a simple childhood fall resulting in an awkward break requiring pinning. The scar on my keloid skin as livid now as it was 40 years ago, more like the weal from a burn. A fall from a moving bus and 6 stitches in my head. Two scars track across my belly: removal of a poisoned appendix and subsequent abcesses. The second and most painful in all senses: an emergency operation to remove both fallopian tubes. “I’m sorry you won’t be able to have children, except by IVF” said the gynaecologist the next day. All potential for creating new life gone with the cut of the knife. Attempts at IVF resulted in nothing but misery followed by acceptance and finally by the finding of new paths of creativity – a burgeoning interest in amateur dramatics and theatrical workshops. Voice workshops with Barb on whose body are tattooed a number of runes – a permanent record of events that have marked her. Watching over the building of our new house and being able to start a garden from scratch; learning to play the piano again, albeit badly, after a gap of 35 years; singing in a choir; reacting to creative stimuli and trying my hand at writing and artworks; traveling and travel journals, digital photography; learning a new language; explorations of new worlds.
by Carol Abel

Blank Map by faucon of Sakin'el

There is a special excercise of self-discovery --
useful for mapping heart, soul or even dilusions.

Take a single piece of white paper and a good pen.
Sit somewhere comfortable and isolated,
perhaps outside 'neath a tree.

When you put pen to paper you must write
NON-STOP until the entire sheet is full --
never lifting the pen or editing your thoughts --
just let it flow. Later, look at this flow of ideas,
but also images formed by the shape of the lines,

like inkblots, or
smudges on your mirror.

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