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Heather Blakey is passionate about populating Lemuria, the exciting cyber colony for artists and writers from around the world. All residents are allocated a room at Riversleigh Manor, the wonderful cyber manor house that is in the centre of Lemuria.

The 2006 AdventURE Calendar, the Grand Tour blog and all associated blogs will remain online and members of the Soul Food Community will be able to access them at any time. Newcomers will be encouraged to use this Calendar, together with the 2005 Advent Calendar, to explore and discover wonderful parts of Lemuria.

Vacancies in Lemuria

In this Lemurian world you can do as Heather Blakey did and give your alter ego life. le Enchanteur is just one of Heather's alter egos and giving this Sibylline creature oxygen has led to remarkable changes at Soul Food. Once le Enchanteur was given the freedom she passionately stepped forward and led people into her cave and down Lemurian lanes and pathways.

Others have followed Heather's lead and now Imogen Crest (Monika Roleff) lives in the Hermitage and has a villa in the famed City of Ladies. Gail Kavanagh is Lavergo, the Gypsy Chief who welcomes travellers to join this band of wandering Romany. Carol Abel is a wandering traveller, faucon of Sakin'el is the Gusari, Karen Roberts is Eclectica the Madame who runs the Lemurian Bath House at Duwamish and Soul Sister is a high priestess in training. Meanwhile Anita Marie Moscoso is our resident horror writer and Lori Gloyd is in residence above the Taverna di Muse in Cyberia plodding away on a novel.

There are many roles to be filled within Lemuria. After completing the 25 week Grand Tour you can write your own job descripton, stake a claim in one of the residences or choose from the following vacancies.

Remember that this is a virtual write your own adventure so the pre-requisite is that you pick up the threads and help make this world very 'real'.

Miners Wanted

Become an Owl Creek Home Host

Become an Owl Creek Home host and help write the history of the Owl Creek region and build a sense of community there.

Housekeepers/Staff Wanted

Riversleigh, the Abbey, the House of the Serpents and Baba Yaga are all seeking house keepers, stable hands, gardeners and other useful souls. Becoming a staff member involves setting up a blog and having it linked to the Lemurian Constellation.

Events Organizer

Have you dreamed of becoming a festival, events organizer. Well this is your opportunity to write your own description and become one in Lemuria.

Travelling Musicians

Wandering Minstrels are required to wander the Lemuria Roads and carol and sing at appropriate and totally inappropriate times. The musicians invariably show up at Banquets and other festivals and provide entertainments.


Travellers in Lemuria love to visit the shops on the Island of the Temple People, at Duwamish Bay and in the City of Ladies. Perhaps you have a yen to run shop or a market stall.

Also Looking For

Botanical Artists
Bookshop Keeper
Light House Keeper
Crew for the Calabar
Temple of Solace Priestess's
Fibre Artists
Dragon Keeper
Keeper of Wisdom
Rookery Keeper

Lemurian Destinations

If you reach Lemurian shores you really should visit some of these places and learn more about Lemurian myth, mystery and lifestyle.

Taverna di Muse - Lori Gloyd
Owl Creek Bridge - Anita Marie Moscoso
Cold Storage - Anita Marie Moscoso
The Hermitage - Imogen Crest
Crest Hermitage - Online Store
The Gypsy Camp - Gail Kavanagh
Travelling with Traveller - Carol Abel






"My guess, and Enchanteur can confirm, is that the Lemurian Tour is for Lemurian adventures and the Grand Tour is for real places?  Is that correct?"
Lori Gloyd
"Got it in one Lori! Won't have to turn you in to a wombat now sweeite"
le Enchanteur

Follow the Footsteps of Lemurians

About this AdventURE

The 2006 Adventure Calendar was all about following the footprints of others and exploring the exotic Lemurian Cosmos, a fantasy cyber realm at Soul Food. The Advent Calendar tracked the path taken by travellers who explored Lemuria during 2005 and 2006.

Pages are sequential and so, to fully appreciate this fantasy realm, you really need to start at Week 1 and move through a week at a time

The secondary tour is a Grand, Orientalist style tour. Activities for this Grand Tour appear in the left hand column and the right hand section showcases the adventures of those who travelled in Lemuria during 2006.

In earlier times 'the idea of traveling to the ends of the globe, visiting unknown and exotic realms, was almost beyond imagining, and to the reading public, therefore, there was an irresistible lure in accounts of such travels'. The lure of travel writing and storytelling has not diminished and this project helps you to polish your craft and gain all the cultural benefits of such adventures.

To get the full benefit of this adventure calendar set up a travel journal for yourself and work simultaneously in it and online.

To assist travellers Carol Abel has provided a potted account of her journey in 2005. Carol also provides instructions to help establish a visual journal. Her pages are full of wonderful creative inspiration.

Ready to Participate?

1.  Read each page and let the articles and sample stories from Lemurian Travellers stir your imagination. Check the associated blogs and have a good look at how participants  have worked here at Soul Food. 

2.  Follow the writing directives provided, or write in any way the resource materials may lead you.

3.  If you wish to participate create an account with WordPress and set up two blogs. One is to record your Grand European Tour and the other to record the Grand Lemurian Tour.

To participate on the formal, Soul Food, Grand Tour blog you need to have an account with WordPress and write to heatherblakey at dailywriting dot net with an expression of interest. She will sign you in.

4. After you have been signed in to the blog you will be invited to join a Yahoo Group called Lemurian Residents. This group is filled with experienced trekkers who will help guide you along the lanes and pathways and will field any of your questions. Once you are a member of this group you only have to send a request to join other Lemurian blogs and one of the moderators will sign you in.

5.  Feel free to discuss your work with each in the Residents Lounge at Yahoogroup or as comments on the blog.

6.  Feel free to work at your own pace, making your own rules.

Wise Words for Newcomers

Welcome new trekkers and confused souls. This is a time of rebirth
and you enter an unknown world expecting order and plan, rules and
formulas – simple choices between picking up a tour guide book or
watching a soap-opera rerun. Not!! I have faced these challenges
of the Enchantress a time or two and would offer a couple of
thoughts to quiet your fears – but not assist your choosing; for
each TOUR is the same – `tis about creation; and each challenge will
be different, because YOU are.

The Grand-Tour offers a chance to look at `known things and places'
from a new point of view, to perhaps attempt to apply rules and
restrictions of today's world on a traditional real-world adventure –
to look at old things in a new way. The Lemurian Tour offers a
chance to look at `unknown things and places' from whatever
traditional viewpoint you drag with you from past experience – to
look at new things in old ways.

Both, of course, are journeys from where you are right now to where
you wish to be – as a writer/artist, a person, and as a spiritual
being. Consider a different choice – you approach a strange city
known to contain both excitement and danger – that is life. You get
to choose a companion. Would you rather have a friend whose values
you can trust but is likewise new to this place; or would you choose
a stranger who is wise of the ways of the city and knows of special
shops and short-cuts through the chaos and boredom?

What is unique about this Soul Food place is that you, by choosing,
can have both – for each Tour has both friends of heart and spirit,
and strangers of experience and perception. They will help if you
ask, or ignore your stumblings if you do not. This `asking' is done
through posting stories, thoughts, poems and reflections on a number
of blogs – and by reading and reflecting on the comments of others –
a commitment to `daily writing'. In a different allegorical ploy,
you may choose to spin, to braid, or to weave – or to wander about
either naked or in the same soiled cloths in which you arrived. The
more that you put into your TOUR, the more you will get out – the
selection of WHICH tour (or both) is minor to your commitment to

but what do I know – an aging, crippled man best suited for keeping
a pot of stew ever warm by the fire …

papa faucon

What People Have Been Saying

I think Heather means that we'll be using *both* blogs. The GrandTour blog is the European Grand Tour which will parallel your Lemurian Grand Tour Remember how she said to set up two personal blogs, one for the European Tour and one for the Lemurian Tour? This is why, so that you can write about each journey each day. It's effectively two journeys that we're taking, except that they parallel each other, so I'm thinking that whatever happens on the European tour will affect the Lemurian tour, and vice-versa. So, you'll be making two entries per day, one to chronicle your European tour, and one to chronicle your Lemurian tour. And because the two journeys parallel each other (and how so like L'Enchanteur to demand even MORE creativity per day, lol), you'll be getting the benefits of seeing Europe in the grand old way of the rich aristocracy from the late 1800's, as well as seeing Lemuria, through the eyes of seasoned travelers and from your own heart.
Kris Winnett

Sound Advice

A hundred thousand welcomes to you Tatiana. Methinks you are going to love it here. Seems to me that the harder it is to understand the workings the more magical the effects!!! Sort of functions like inverse rationality!!! Oooh my logical brain gets sooo confused at times that only my creative side can cope and so out pops the unconscious!!! Wonderful journeys are ahead for you!! Enjoy! Life shall never be the same again...promise!
love and blessings,

Daily Surprises Through December 25

It's here! It's here! Heather Blakey's famous Christmas Advent Calendar is moving into its fourth year now and goes live on December 1. Besides plenty of creative inspiration, what else can you expect this year? Heather says:

"The 2006 Adventure Calendar is all about following the footprints of others and exploring the exotic Lemurian Cosmos, a fantasy cyber realm at Soul Food. The Advent Calendar tracks the path taken by travellers who explored Lemuria during 2005 and 2006."

As you visit the calendar page each day in December you'll find a new adventure link (they magically appear daily!) that will take you deep into the realm of creativity and imagination. Wonderful for artists, writers, and bloggers — don't miss it! •
Chris Dunmire

Enchanteur keeps them guessing

I think Heather Blakey and her creative companions are doing an exceptional job. They have writing prompts along with a myriad of exceptional creative ideas under the page entitled Box of Wonderment. There’s an Advent Calendar where for each day in the month of December a new creative task is uncovered and highlighted on a map, all interactive and designed to nurture your creativity. There is a theme for each Advent Calendar. This years theme is a journey down The Silk Road. It’s presented like a travel log where each traveler recorded their day by day activities. The travelers are Passport Holding Travellers, each with their own creative space on the site. If you want to be inspired and try something different, then join in the journey down The Silk Road.

There is so much happening on this site that its not easy to find your way around. It could take days to wonder through all that’s being offered and figure it all out.

I do like the sites design, the way it looks and I love all the creative-speak. The creativity drips off each page, making you want to fall into it and get lost within it, hoping that you will emerge refreshed and inspired. The images are thoughtful, the text is easy to read and the creator has fully embraced her muse. Embracing the muse is something that would benefit us all, even those who don’t think they have a creative bone in their bodies. You might surprise yourself but I don’t think you’d surprise Heather Blakey.

Wild Mind