Edwina Peterson Cross always dances so exquisitely with words. This dance is the dance of a teacher, choreographing so that students may follow and dance her dance.

I Shall Remember

I shall remember
Snow like whipped icing on the Wasatch Mountains
Colored Faery lights on the valley snow
Four foot icicles hanging from the eves
Fireplaces blazing in two rooms,
Reflecting off golden wood
Old leather, stained glass, deep rows of books,
Laughter from around the table

I shall remember
The stillness of snow
Breathing whiteness as the world fell away,
In a rush of descent
I shall remember the girl, who wanted to fly
More than she wanted to turn

I shall remember
Giving my lips, my body, my heart
In the same breathless rush
I shall remember the words of Shakespeare, Yeats,
And clear, bright love that slid down my ears,
The impressions of mouth, hands
Possession, that marked my soft wax skin
I shall remember tears on my fingers, a love
That stilled, but never ceased
I shall remember the snow
On the dark side of the moon

I shall remember
Fog on the cost of Maine
A frozen lake in Massachusetts
The haunted fields of Sharpsburg
Lights and lights and lights
That drowned the winter moon
In the District of Columbia
I shall remember
The immense silent silver splendor of stars on snow
At the top of the Colorado Rockies

I shall remember
The love that gave me my heart's desire
I shall remember
Swallowing the meaning of Bliss
Silent nights rocking, a baby at my breast
Still sunlit afternoons with a book in both hands,
And two little girls snuggled between
The privilege of kneeling to a toddler to unravel the Immediate, imperative
Mystic meaning of 'what' and 'why'
Watching thoughts catch fire, understandings happen, Creations appear
I shall remember
A darkened theater where my tears wouldn't stop
As my daughter's voice filled the hall
With liquid gold
Reading my son's writing
And feeling hollow at his use of words
Opening an envelope - today - to find
A formal diploma written in gold ink:
University of Birmingham ~ England ~
The Royal Shakespeare Institute Master of Arts in Shakespeare Studies ~ With Merit

I shall remember
Their laughter

I shall remember
This room
Where I sit amid my books and clutter
My pictures and pens, pills,
Pooh Bears and prayer flags,
Affirmation stones, notebooks, candles
And half full teacups
Here is my Wacom tablet
Here is my ergonomic “cracked” keyboard
Here is where I live
I shall remember
The words that I weave here
I colors I mold with my pen
I shall remember T
he hands I have touched here
The things they have taught me
The warmth they have given

I shall remember
The Dance

Edwina Peterson Cross December 31, 2004

I Shall Remember

Use Edwina Peterson Cross's 'I Shall Remember' and 'These I Have Loved' as templates before entering the alluvial mine.

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