Self Portraiture

1. Buy a plastic molded store dummy in the shape of a child for around $15.
2. Make a cubby house out of blankets and chairs, just like you did when you were a child. Crawl inside with a doll or toy that you belonged and listen to children's music.
3. Get out some children's toys, such as pick-up-sticks or a tea-set and play like you did when you were a child. Make afternoon tea and sit outside or set up a lemonade stall and invite the neighbors to join you.
4. Visit recycled shops and gather interesting pieces that can be used. Consider dressing your mannequin in a particular outfit to express who you were as a child. Mine would be holding a book in her hand. Let your imagination run wild.
5. Hang the child body somewhere so you can see it and look at it often.
6. Document the process and record your ideas about your childhood during this period. Did you have a Superman, Batman phase? What were the qualities of these figures that captured your imagination?