A Biblical Bird

Raven ATC

by Samm for the ATC Swap

In the Bible, Noah released a Raven to find land and it never returned. It probably got distracted and feasted on the corpses of the multitudes who perished in the Great Flood. But in the earlier, Babylonian version of the tale the Raven was released last and found dry land. However, it still never did return to the boat.

Meet Manon de Forcier


At the Forge at the Lemurian Volcano
by Manon

Nurse in real life and mother of three school-aged children, a few years before she turned 40, Manon had no other choice to embrace her "shouting and undeniable" artistic side. Without training in fine arts (yet), she is a musician, she draws, writes, takes pictures with unusual points of views and try to make time for arts each day... off! She lives in Québec, Canada.

mon petit côté artiste qui s’exprime ici… Blogue bilingue, selon le sujet abordé, sur ma vie, mes loisirs et ma créativité - bilingual blog (depending on the subject) on my life, my hobbies and my creativity


Manon joined Soul Food and slipped through the Portal in to the world of le Enchanteur early in 2008. During her inaugural journey she found her way to the mysterious village of Mudgimba, the place where weavers work on special tapestries.


Portal to Rainbow Beach by Manon

She sits in the middle of the place, works patiently, repeating the same motions, over and over, encore et encore.

She sees every one and everything around her. She is extra sensitive to what comes and moves around her. I stand beside her but then i get fascinated by the piece she works on. It is an unfinished one. The colours are laid beside in her basket. The needle in her hand looks like new: it shines like sun!

I ask: How long have you been working on this one?

- As long as you are here

My guess is she does not understand my accent and my words. I rephrase:

- This piece here (as I put my hand on a corner of the tapestry), how long you have been working on it? How long you do this?

- As long as you are here

She looks at me and smile with her old and dirty teeth. Her eyes are as bright as a child’s! I can’t refrain myself to smile back at her and keep on observing her hands going on and under the tapestry. The technic is simple but Ijust can figure out the picture… I don’t see anything clear except many colours… No picture available… for now. I can’t figure out what this tapestry will become.

I can’t wait to see the result! I guess I’ll meet her on my way back home.



Day Twelve

It took many Advent Calendars and lots of surfing around the Soul Food Café before I jumped and stepped into this world as an active SF member. I was scared and shy to try to show my works. Although, I still am, I allow myself to try stuff I have never done before. Even though I'm scared to present them, I do! Sharing my work with the Lemurian people helps me push myself further and, most of all, have fun with the creative process.

Advent Induction To Soul Food and
Le Enchanteur


These calendars are now part of my yearly rituals. I love them. They are really inspiring! you get to go to unexpected places ... I guess this is Lemuria! Christmas without the AdventURE calendar would not be the same.

This is now (for me) a part of the Christmas spirit.

Christmas is celebrated by many religious traditions. We can wish Merry Christmas, Happy Nanuka, Happy Eid, Happy Solstice, Happy New Year, etc. to others and light a candle to honour these joyful days! I love knowing and learning about these traditions.

Beyond Riversleigh - To Rainbow Beach

Where does Enchanteur takes all this imagination? In her post “Taking the Plunge“, she tells us about some mysterious country. At the market, there is a pageant… I had to check in my dictionary to find the signification! It either a system to bring light to a scene without any lens or a play about historical fact… “reliving some parts of history as this is real”.

rainbow beach under the sunHere I am in the port, close to the Market. I watch the sun going down. I hear the noise coming from the merchants, the signers enjoying the visitors’ lives, trying to make a living from their arts.

I can feel the warmth of the wind mixed the saline smell of varech. Far away, I hear whales talking to each others and their huge shining tails breaking the waves. The children a free. They talk to each others, even if they don’t know each others. They have no fear of adults walking around. Full of confidence in the world around, they play, enjoy them selves and invite us to be part of their games.

I play for a while with them to cards… a new game. It’s funny: we don’t speak the same language but i can understand what they are telling me.

I go, on the dock, wandering, picking a fruit, nuts, one bread, drinking from the clay bottle bough from that booth there.Here they are. This is my group. I see the crow checking on us, making sure everything goes well. The lady there is L’Enchanteur. I know it from the pictures I saw. It was planed that we all meet here.

Some of us draw, some weave their threads, their words, whatever. Some sculpt, some do all of that in front of their laptop. I feel a bit funny with my bag full of new wools, old hooks, pens, pencils, and notepads, and beads borrowed this old lady sitting at the corner of the street as a talisman. She told me I should bring them back to her after my trip… I just have to bring them in a new format, anything will do, as long as she gets them back.

I feel bizarre too… I have no training in anything related to this trip but life and observation. Well, I’ll put up with this lack of everything.

I have vertigo from all these smell, noise, people, new surroundings are overwhelmingly beautiful! But this is a positive one… like a trampoline helps me jump a little higher.

I’m ready. My beetle is with me, in my pocket. I also met this new bird. It just stood on my shoulder giving this eye to mine saying “hey, let’s go travel together for this time.” I could see a smile on its cheeks… but birds can’t smile… I can’t see how it did this! I’ll be well supported by this donkey, this bird and my beetle. What a ménagerie!

December Celebrations at Riversleigh


During December and the months before and after, there are many
celebrations. Around the world, people have different traditions. If you
want, you can say "Merry Christmas" almost each week of December!
If you are interested in knowing about the Worldwide traditions, Wikipedia has some informations under the theme List of winter festivals and Christmas Worldwide. You can also update the information, if you want to: this is a collaborative encyclopedia! Maybe this will inspire you to create a new piece of art ? or a new tradition will be added to your life?

Depending on the country, we eat different foods. You are invited to
visit the Arte Culinaria blog and share a traditional Christmas recipe
and, maybe, you could test (and comment) one in the mean time.