image courtesy of Salubri

Fatalities from the Red Death Rise Sharply
by Gwen Myer

UPI: (Budapest, Transylvania). A mysterious illness is decimating Clan Dracül. The descendants of Vlad (the Impaler), once quite numerous, are dwindling at an alarming rate. Clan Dracül once flew at over 10,000 strong. Due to fatalities from the ‘Red Death’, as it is being called, there are barely 2,000 adult Dracül able to take wing and feed. The Eldars and flightless young are the hardest hit by the Red Death.

The Eldars feed least often and suffer the worst deaths from the disease. The young slowly die of starvation when the parents die of the Red Death.

Researchers, in lightproof laboratories, race to find a vaccine or cure while the population is still large enough to prevent inbreeding. Clan Dracül has not forgotten the horrors and sports that marred earlier generations, and does not wish to return to the era of infanticide and heartbreak.

The symptoms of the Red Death include deep red colouration of the face, difficulty in feeding, loss of primary and secondary fangs with concomitant inability to feed and death by starvation.

The only correlation found thus far is a possible similarity in the lifestyles of food. A great number of the prey of Red Death fatalities are known among the prey as “Tweakers” and it is theorised that a commonality among the “Tweaker” prey may be the root cause.

As a precaution Clan Dracül members are advised to avoid prey that smell or behave abnormally. A strong medicinal smell or extreme restlessness seem to be signs of “Tweaker” prey and as such should be avoided.

There is a growing concern in the Council of Clan Dracül will need to create “New Blood” to remain vital and viable in the Vampyrric community. The persecutions and wholesale slaughter of the first “New Blood” search are fresh in the memories of all Vampyrric Clans. There has been enough intermarriage between Vampyrric Clans that for Clan Dracül to survive, the “New Blood” search, may have to be undertaken soon.