Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Sit very quietly and imagine that you find a golden mirror, just like the one in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. You look deeply into the mirror and prepare to ask that famous question. Mirror mirror on the wall who is the most beautiful....

It is as you are about to finish the question that you look in horror and realize that you are a BUG. Look at yourself carefully to see what specimen you have been transformed into. Perhaps you are a spider, a ladybug, a head lice. One thing is for certain. You are a perfect specimen.

The mirror vanishes and you are left looking at the world through many eyes. To your horror you discover that you are in a school class room, the bell has gone and giants from hell are headed your way

The Great Escape by Keenan Jones

ďMirror, mirror, on the wall; am I the most handsome STICK INSECT in the world!Ē I say in horror.Ē
" Yes you are, with your twiggy likeness and light brown skin,Ē answered the mirror.Ē
What has happened to me? Was it something I ate?

Itís raining outside. Iím in a strange room. I donít know what to do. Iím trapped. And I see some Year 7ís outside the room. Quickly, I hide under a table. In they come, at least 20 of them. I try to familiarise myself with the surroundings. There are a few tables, chairs, a teacherís desk, a white board and, of course, the Year 7ís. I have to get out.

So, I start crawling under the tables, being as quiet as a mouse.

Great! Iím making real progress. Then I am hurled through the air. Thump! The table I was on collapsed and flipped over. The bell rings for the end of the day. Since it is too much of a risk getting trampled on exiting now, I decide to curl up in a corner and go to sleep.

Morning comes. Before school, I study the room trying to plot my escape.

Classes start! The first group comes in. Shortly, the teacher is called from the room. Excellent! My big chance to put my plan into action. So, I begin to scale the walls until I reach the bin. I then climb onto the white board ledge. Shouting begins, and suddenly I am spinning through the air. This canít end well.

Thud! Phew! I land on something. I thought I was a goner. Circling my landing area, I soon discover I have landed on the fan and that Iím really high up.

It is a very long way down. If I jump down I could fall and die. So I start to look around. As I am doing this I see a support rail above me. The only way to reach it is to jump. I try and fail, again and again. It looks like Iím stuck here for good, unless something happens.

Months pass. Iím starting to wonder if Iíll ever see the free world again, up close and personal. And after trying almost every escape plan under the sun it seems more likely that I will never get out.

About a week later, the temperature begins to soar. Windows in the class are opened each day to cool the room down. One really hot day, the world around me starts spinning. I think I am about to faint, but the spinning gets faster and faster.

OH-NO! The fan has been turned on! I have to brace myself. One of my legs has lost grip and I get hurled across the classroom. Thump! Iíve hit the window.

Weeks later, I wake up and I can smell diesel fumes and roses. IíM FREE! I have escaped from the classroom.

Suddenly I feel a change. I am growing taller. Hooray! I am back to my original self.