Poetry in Your Pocket

The City of New York, The New York Times and now The Soul Food Cafe celebrate Poetry Month and Poem in Your Pocket Day.

The Feeling Poem

Line one: Name an emotion
Line two: “Smells like. . .”
Line three: “Tastes like. . .”
Line four: “Sounds like. . .”
Line five: “Feels like. . . .”
Line six: “Feels like. . .”
Line seven: “Feels like. . .”
Line eight: Name the emotion


These poems, to carry in a pocket, were written, in just ten minutes, on April 31, by Grade 5/6 students from Keon Park Primary School and Reservoir East Primary School.

Smells like charcoal and fire.
Tastes like sour milk.
Sounds like an explosion in your ears.
Feels like an axe in your stomach.
Feels like a bomb in your gut.
Feels like your head will explode.
by Michael Kenealy

Smells like a car skidding down the road
Tastes like burnt toast in the oven
Sounds like a finger nail scraping down the blackboard
Feels like a chill going through your body
Feels like someone watching you walk around the corner
Feels like a a spider crawling down your back
by Cassandra

Smells like sugar that is sweet
Tastes like fairy bread on my tongue
Sounds like birds chirping
feels like angels dancing in my stomach
feels like patting my cat
feels like finding a $20 note on the pavement
by Avril

smells like a fire burning a house down
tastes lik sour cream
sounds like a bad temper
feels like bing inside a wall
feels like you are out of control
feels like a volcanoe erupting
Christine Hartnett

Smells like sugar
tastes like lollies
sounds like everybody laughing
fells like being loved
feels like running through a paddock full of flowers
feels like you cannot stop.
Jasmine Edwards

More Activities

Draw an Indian Bonnet with 28 feathers. Fill in each feather with things you love, hate or wish for.

Use the material from each feather to write a poem entitled Things I Have Loved, Things I Have Hated or Things I Have Wished.