Hiss-tory Snakes

A hiss-tory art project was undertaken at Graham Street Primary School in Port Melbourne. The project resulted in a glorious wall snake being created. The wall snake was made up of indivual, handpainted tiles, painted by current and former students of the school. Each tile displayed within the snake on the brick wall of the school holds the memory of a former student. The tiles provide a permanent record for the school and offer a place for former students to reconnect with their primary school days. This project has been inspired by the Graham Street Primary School hiss-tory art project.

Make a hiss-tory snake, like those shown here, by drawing a serpent and filling it's scales with small scales that record your life. Mark things such as your first kiss, the day a precious pet died, the time you fell off your bike an grazed your knees. You may even use tiles to project the future.

When you have finished choose a section of your snake, draw your hand on a page and write five more things about that memory. Then write a longer piece that will tell a stranger more about what you remember.

more work on the Hiss-tory Snakes